Targeted Oral Care Solutions for Betel Chewers

Ko Shwe Ventures Pte. Ltd.

We are a social enterprise with a commercially viable business model that develops and sells affordable, tested oral care products to betel addicts, most earning under US$10 per day. Our business aims to serve the 22 million betel chewers in Myanmar, and more than 600 million chewers across the Region. Regular chewers suffer from multiple short and longer term oral diseases. We invested two-years of R&D to develop the most effective, appealing products at the lowest price point. The products are the first to directly target betel chewers. In addition, we developed a powerful distribution network, having mapped more than 6,000 betel shops. Our products are targeted to the needs of customers and affordable for betel users. We have developed extensive and relevant distribution channels to counter competition. We are aiming to improve the incomes of our network of betel sellers by 30% within 3 years. Currently we are in test market phase, with our full-scale launch planned for Q2 2018.

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