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The AVPN Deal Share has been developed to increase the flow of financial, intellectual and human capital towards greater social impact in the sector. The Deal Share Platform (DSP) is a curated platform designed to help AVPN members share, promote and connect with recommended social purpose organisations, as well as collaborate with other members.

The AVPN Deal Share also includes Deal Share Live sessions which highlight projects in Asia that are endorsed by AVPN members to the wider community at the annual AVPN conference, and at curated events.

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  • FSG Advisory Services Private Limited

    Program to Improve Private Early Education (PIPE)

    Aims to provide every child from low-income families in urban India equal opportunities to succeed in life with access to high-quality, cost-effective private preschool solutions.

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  • APLE Cambodia

    Combating Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

    Strengthens national social and legal mechanisms for the protection of children at risk of, or affected by, child sexual abuse or exploitation in Cambodia.

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  • Katilingban Sa Kalambuan Org., Inc.

    Shelter For Trafficked Children

    Supports vulnerable children who were victims of human trafficking in the Philippines through a 24-hour shelter with comprehensive programs and services.

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  • Bright Future

    Bright Future India

    Empowers youths in India to make informed decisions about their career, enabling them to transform their passion into gainful employment.

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  • Teen's Key

    Key for Girls

    Equips girls in Hong Kong’s sex industry with knowledge, life skills, and a positive social network to rebuild their life through career planning workshops, modules in financial literacy and more.

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  • Solve Education!

    Dawn of Civilization (DOC)

    Improves education outcomes of Indonesian youth through an educational game designed to improve users’ learning motivation, critical thinking and income prospects.

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  • TalentTribe Asia


    Helps Millennials find purpose-driven careers by providing candid insights into different companies and career paths in Singapore.

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  • Child Rights and You (CRY)

    Shruti Samskruthi Samsthe (SSS)

    Prevents infant deaths, malnutrition and provides early childhood care and education by strengthening public systems, health and education in Karnataka, India.

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  • Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

    Education for Children at Risk of Trafficking

    Provides training opportunities and support for disabled children, trafficking survivors and kids at risk of trafficking in Vietnam for them to stay in school.

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  • Hapinoy

    Hapinoy BizMo

    Equips the owners of neighborhood stores in the Philippines with digital literacy and access to technology to run and grow their businesses sustainably.

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  • Parami Institute of Liberal Arts & Sciences

    Parami Leadership Program (PLP)

    Trains students from Myanmar with in interdisciplinary analysis, critical thinking and communication necessary to become leaders.

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  • Xynteo

    Rural Growth Coalition Secretariat

    Strengthens the resilience of rural populations across developing geographies and positively impact the lives of 100 million rural people across South East Asia by 2025.

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