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The AVPN Deal Share has been developed to increase the flow of financial, intellectual and human capital towards greater social impact in the sector. The Deal Share Platform (DSP) is a curated platform designed to help AVPN members share, promote and connect with recommended social purpose organisations, as well as collaborate with other members.

The AVPN Deal Share also includes Deal Share Live sessions which highlight projects in Asia that are endorsed by AVPN members to the wider community at the annual AVPN conference, and at curated events.

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  • Third Sector Asia

    Social Impact Bond Development Grant

    Aims to bring the exciting innovation of Social Impact Bonds to scale in Asia, in order to help drive innovation for those in need.

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  • Natural Farm Fresh Myanmar

    Solar Drying in Myanmar

    Aims to increase the income of smallholder farmers and promote high quality dried food, sustainable drying and production in Myanmar.

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  • NEEDeed

    Technology Implementation for Non-profits

    Connects widely available and affordable, yet currently under-utilised technologies with small and medium-sized local and regional non-profit organizations in South East Asia.

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  • Impact Hub Yangon


    The Apps4Yangon program is a partnership between TechSoup and Impact Hub Yangon that aims to involve government officials, and Yangon residents in a process to develop new apps to address key civic issues in Yangon.

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  • YK Collections

    Hand-made Local Tea with Wood Box

    Creates jobs for local villagers in Myanmar by supporting them as craft producers in making traditional, eco-friendly souvenir items supplied to hotels and gift shops.

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  • Recyglo

    Recycling Solution Services

    Provides recyclables pickup service for organisations in Yangon and deliver them to factories and recycling plants.

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  • Gift-It-Forward

    Raise Funds for Charity and a Group Gift

    Empowers users to raise funds for a charity and a group gift that is meaningful to them while they celebrate special occasions in Singapore by using an online invitation and gift fund platform.

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  • All Bee Good Pte Ltd

    Green Kar-Ching

    Supports the disruptor towards disrupting traditional recycling by introducing technology and incentives to facilitate better recycling habits in Singapore.

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  • Vertikfarm

    Vertikfarm – Urban Farming

    Unlocks the value of vast under utilized vertical space in urban city such as Singapore for the purpose of vertical farming.

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  • HiGi Energy

    HiGi Energy Biofuel

    Produces bio-charcoal made by converting invasive weeds water hyacinth clogging the rivers and lakes in the Philippines into solid biofuel for heating, cooking and barbecuing.

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  • Peta Bencana Multi Hazard Risk Map

    A free web-based platform that produces megacity-scale visualizations of disasters in Indonesia using crowd-sourced reporting and government agency validations in real time to mitigate urban risk.

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  • Nepal Flying Lab

    Localizing Robotics for Social Good

    Localizes drone robotics through tech transfer and trainings in order to leverage and support the work of social good partners in humanitarian aid, development and environmental protection in Nepal.

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