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The AVPN Deal Share has been developed to increase the flow of financial, intellectual and human capital towards greater social impact in the sector. The Deal Share Platform (DSP) is a curated platform designed to help AVPN members share, promote and connect with recommended social purpose organisations, as well as collaborate with other members.

The AVPN Deal Share also includes Deal Share Live sessions which highlight projects in Asia that are endorsed by AVPN members to the wider community at the annual AVPN conference, and at curated events.

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  • Ecomatcher

    Transparent Tree Adoption Solutions

    EcoMatcher helps tree adoption NGOs in Indonesia, Philippines, Guatemala, and Uganda to scale up eco-donation efforts to drive corporate and consumer behavioural change.

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  • Natural Heritage Institute

    Mekong Sustainable Hydropower

    This project strives to preserve the key natural functions and the related human benefits of the extraordinary Mekong River by providing viable, sustainable hydro alternatives for Laos & Cambodia.

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  • African Clean Energy

    Launching the Next-Gen ACE 1 in Cambodia

    African Clean Energy makes energy more accessible and affordable to poor, rural families living off-grid and cooking using traditional methods.

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  • Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS)

    Eco Village for Solving Regional Problem

    Eco Village is an ecosystem based adaptation strategy for solving the regional problems of the Sundarbans coastal communities without harming the world single largest mangrove forest.

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  • CCIFV Social Responsibility Platform

    Online Platform for Collaboration

    Initiate collaborations between individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations through an online platform matching their needs and resources in Vietnam.

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  • K.O.A Co., Ltd.

    Sustainable Cashmere Project

    Trains and works with local partners to implement environmentally friendly practices throughout the cashmere production and manufacturing process in Mongolia.

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  • UglyGood

    The UglyGood Project

    The UglyGood Project aims to transform organic waste into valuable resources by leveraging on green technology to create new business models and revolutionaries existing F&B waste management industries.

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    Area Development of Brgy. Buhatan through Eco-tourism

    Runs a community Based Eco-Tourism for environmental conservation of Buhatan Philippines while providing sustainable livelihoods for the community.

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  • SunFarmer Nepal

    Solar Irrigation for Rural Smallholder Farmers

    Provide affordable solar irrigation to rural Nepalese smallholder farmers on a rent to own model to increase their income.

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  • An Organization for Socio-Economic Development-AOSED

    Sundarbans Fishers Resilience Project

    Establish a climate resilient fisher community in Bangladesh through improved early warning response mechanisms, and ensure social services to cyclone exposed seagoing fishers.

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  • Shontoug Foundation, Inc.

    Poverty Reduction through Agro-forestry

    Empower farming households through Sustainable Agriculture and Agro-Forestry activities for indigenous communities in the Philippines.

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  • Guiuan Development Foundation, Inc. (GDFI)

    Marine Sanctuary Facility Rehabilitation

    Aims to rehabilitate the Bagonbanua Marine Sanctuary Facility destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The area serves as an exposure site for students, CRM planners and researchers.

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