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The AVPN Deal Share has been developed to increase the flow of financial, intellectual and human capital towards greater social impact in the sector. The Deal Share Platform (DSP) is a curated platform designed to help AVPN members share, promote and connect with recommended social purpose organisations, as well as collaborate with other members.

The AVPN Deal Share also includes Deal Share Live sessions which highlight projects in Asia that are endorsed by AVPN members to the wider community at the annual AVPN conference, and at curated events.

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  • Gift-It-Forward

    Give to Charity and Receive a Gift

    Empowers users to raise funds for a charity and a group gift that is meaningful to them while they celebrate special occasions in Singapore by using an online invitation and gift fund platform.

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  • Rachel House

    Home-Based Palliative Care for Children

    Provides children with cancer or HIV from marginalised communities in Jakarta free palliative care service at home so they don’t live or die in pain.

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  • Children In Families


    ABLE (Accepted, Belonging, Loved, Empowered) helps Cambodian children with disabilities and/or chronic health needs, and their families gain access to resources for them to achieve optimal well-being.

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  • Nepal Flying Lab

    Localizing Robotics for Social Good

    Localizes drone robotics through tech transfer and trainings in order to leverage and support the work of social good partners in humanitarian aid, development and environmental protection in Nepal.

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  • Roots of Health (ROH)

    Training and Support for Youth Advocates

    Addresses high rates of teen pregnancy and HIV amongst Filipino youths by providing them comprehensive sex education in schools and training of Youth Advocates to be peer resources.

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  • Project We Forgot

    Project We Forgot Social Network

    Provides access to services and knowledge resources relevant to dementia care, supporting caregivers in Singapore and Indonesia.

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  • Pillpresso

    Improve Medication Adherence Among the Vulnerable Elderly

    Improves medication adherence and health outcomes for the elderly through an affordable, user-friendly technology that will also alleviate the burden of medication management for home nurses.

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  • Embodied Sensing Pte. Ltd.


    Provides a smart notification system that helps people who are visually and hearing impaired to be more aware of happening around them in Singapore.

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  • Allied World Healthcare

    Project ECHO

    Provides better health coverage in low-income areas in the Philippines through an integrated platform that can be used to access healthcare services and financial support.

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  • Ambee (1st Consult Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

    Improving Ambulance Management System

    Improves the medical transportation system in Phnom Penh, Cambodia by creating a central ambulance management and GPS tracking system for the city’s 119 emergency service.

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  • Child Rights and You (CRY)

    Shruti Samskruthi Samsthe (SSS)

    Prevents infant deaths, malnutrition and provides early childhood care and education by strengthening public systems, health and education in Karnataka, India.

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  • Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

    Healthcare for Sex Trafficking Survivors

    Provides immediate medical assistance for women and girls rescued from human trafficking and slavery upon their return in Vietnam.

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