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The AVPN Deal Share has been developed to increase the flow of financial, intellectual and human capital towards greater social impact in the sector. The Deal Share Platform (DSP) is a curated platform designed to help AVPN members share, promote and connect with recommended social purpose organisations, as well as collaborate with other members.

The AVPN Deal Share also includes Deal Share Live sessions which highlight projects in Asia that are endorsed by AVPN members to the wider community at the annual AVPN conference, and at curated events.

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  • CCIFV Social Responsibility Platform

    Online Platform for Collaboration

    Initiate collaborations between individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations through an online platform matching their needs and resources in Vietnam.

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  • Todo-Works Co., Ltd


    Creates affordable,lightweight and SMART technology enabled wheelchair to resolve the various issues faced by the disabled in South Korea.

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  • Resolve Foundation Ltd

    2019 Social Justice Fellowship Cohort

    Building on the success of a pilot fellowship held in 2017/2018, the objective of this project is to empower future community leaders in Hong Kong to better the lives of their communities most successfully.

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  • billionBricks


    Designs and provide shelter and infrastructure solutions for the homeless and vulnerable that are scalable, sustainable, and able to create opportunities for communities to emerge out of poverty.

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  • Impact Hub Yangon


    The Apps4Yangon program is a partnership between TechSoup and Impact Hub Yangon that aims to involve government officials, and Yangon residents in a process to develop new apps to address key civic issues in Yangon.

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  • Nepal Flying Lab

    Localizing Robotics for Social Good

    Localizes drone robotics through tech transfer and trainings in order to leverage and support the work of social good partners in humanitarian aid, development and environmental protection in Nepal.

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  • Build Change Philippines

    Resilience Fund

    Provides low-income families in Metro Manila access to financing and technical solutions to retrofit (structurally strengthen) and expand their homes to generate income.

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  • This Life Cambodia

    This Life in Family

    Supports vulnerable families at risk of separation in Cambodia by directly assisting families with an incarcerated parent and intervening when a family member comes into conflict with the law.

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  • Build Change Philippines

    FutureFit Loan Program

    Provides low-income families in Metro Manila access to financing and technical solutions to retrofit (structurally strengthen) and expand their homes to generate income.

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  • Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti (GRAVIS)

    Access to Water and Health in the Thar Desert, India (AWHT)

    Enhances access to safe drinking water and healthcare of the Thar Desert Communities in India through the provision of rainwater harvesting techniques and innovation of traditional methods.

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  • Doh Eain ("Our Home")

    Renovation Projects in Downtown Yangon

    Renovating and conserving heritage spaces in downtown Yangon owned by local residents to improve the living conditions.

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  • Yaowawit School

    Yaowawit School Kapong

    Yaowawit School Kapong is a safe haven for orphaned, neglected and abused children. It pledges to provide excellent life skills education, helping children to become open-minded, confident, caring, and happy human beings.

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