AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


1516 Green Energy Technology Company Limited

1516 Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd (1516GE) is a Vietnam-based company established in 2015. The company develops products that apply technology and renewable energy for urban development and education towards the goal of sustainable development. The company has won many international awards for green products, renewable energy, and innovative start-ups. 1516 is also a partner […]


Aarohi is a not-for-profit grassroots organization, involved in integrated rural development in the Central Himalayan region of Uttarakhand with a vision to create a more equitable society. Our mission is to create development opportunities for rural Himalayan communities through quality education, healthcare, promotion of livelihoods and any other development interventions. Our work extends through Nainital […]

Accelerate Community Technology (ACTSE)

Accelerate Community Technology (ACTSE) is a startup located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and specializes in web application development. ACTSE develops digital tools and digital platforms to accelerate a power of community-based organizations (CBO) and helps them work more effectively with higher outcomes and lower workloads. The core application package of HIV/STDs services are based on […]

Anudip Foundation for Social Welfare

Anudip transforms lives by creating aspirational livelihoods through digital inclusion in emerging economies. A nonprofit company with operations in India and USA, Anudip has been empowering motivated young job aspirants from difficult backgrounds since 2007. Anudip beneficiaries, youth and women, are from high-need marginalized communities, religious minorities, tribals, political refugees, people with disabilities or victims […]

Arc Robotics (Driblet Private Limited)

Arc Robotics is a forward-thinking startup focused on revolutionizing robotics. Our aim is to enhance urban life and foster a safer, more connected world through innovative robotics solutions.

Asian Lubricants Industry Association (ALIA)

ALIA aims to provide programs and initiatives to ensure that our members will have the tools and processes necessary to: Collaborate for operating efficiency improvements at finished lube manufacturing plants Reduce product write-offs, manufacturing wastes and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and, Leverage technology for lubricants and greases to achieve the GHG emission reduction Facilitate knowledge […]


Atoot is a Football for Good non profit located in south Nepal. Its programming is a consistent, multifaceted and interconnected programme that educates & empowers rural Nepali girls by availing equal sporting and educational opportunities which focuses on long term capacity building and holistic development of at-risk marginalised girls and their communities. We avail daily […]


BagoSphere is a workforce development company helping people develop human skills that unlock their full potential. The nature of business today demands human skills such as empathy, communication, leadership skills at all levels of the organization. However, way over 90% of CEOs say that human skills are more difficult to develop than digital skills. Moreover, […]

Banka BioLoo Limited

Banka BioLoo Limited is a for-profit social enterprise providing sustainable access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) across India, through onsite/decentralized/offgrid solutions.

Bukidnon Umayamnon Tribe Kapu-unan To Mga Datu (BUKDA)

We are the the Council of Elders for our Ancestral Domain in the Philippines, recognized by the Government in 1997 and was given the Certificate of Ancestral Domain Claim No. 081 (CADC 081); and later in 2009 was awarded the Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title No. 0124 (CADT 0124), covering an area of 8,106 hectares […]

Bullyid Indonesia

Bullyid Indonesia is a tech charity that focuses on empowering victims and survivors of harassment and cyberviolence with confidential psychological and legal support through the Bullyid App. We strongly believe that tech should be used to tackle cyber abuse, and Bullyid Indonesia is on the mission to bring technology solutions to end harassment and to […]

CARPE | EcoSattva

Centre for Applied Research and People’s Engagement, established in 2015, is an Aurangabad based non-profit working towards inclusive and sustainable villages, towns & cities through evidence-driven & partnerships-enabled systemic solutions to pervasive civic challenges. CARPE | EcoSattva has developed a proprietary data-driven process called BOTRAM. The process is implemented by harnessing the established institutional machinery […]

Centre for Aquatic Livelihood Jaljeevika

Centre for Aquatic Livelihood Jaljeevika is a registered not-for-profit organization committed to the promotion of aquatic-based livelihood opportunities, securing food and nutritional security in rural India. The very essence of Jaljeevika lies in mainstreaming vulnerability reduction related to livelihood and employment opportunities for small-scale farmers through the promotion of climate-resilient agriculture practices. Jaljeevika has a […]

Circular Cities Asia

Circular Cities Asia is a non for profit organisation based in Singapore. Their mission is to accelerate Circular Economy innovation in countries across Asia Pacific. They run programmes, mainly within the youth innovation sector, to help innovators to grow their awareness of the circular economy, develop their lean innovation skills and identify entrepreneurial opportunities that […]

Contented Living Group Holding Limited

Contented Living provides affordable yet comfortable housing for overseas university students and young professionals, aged under 30 years old with monthly income below HK$25k. Our accommodations range from HK$3.8k – 8.5k per month per person, depending on the location and facilities. The room types are mainly co-live sharing (single gender), with a shared bathroom or […]

Cool Australia

Cool was founded in Melbourne in 2008 with the purpose of supporting school communities, including educators and parents/carers, with high-quality, evidence-based, curriculum-aligned teaching resources. Our mission is to equip teachers and parents with the necessary tools to provide exceptional learning experiences for their students, preparing them for a rapidly changing world and improving their outcomes. […]


CorStone develops and provides personal resilience programs to improve well-being for youth worldwide, focusing on adolescent girls as critical change-agents in their communities. We believe that cultivating personal resilience is a foundational step in helping youth to thrive—one which is often missing in development programs worldwide. Our evidence-based programs impact three interdependent factors in wellbeing: […]

Cuddles Foundation

Malnutrition is one of the main reasons for reduced survival rates amongst children with cancer: A study from AIIMS, New Delhi, pegged undernourishment for child cancer patients at 30-40%. The prevalence of malnutrition in children with cancer, reaches 50–70% in some regions of the world and is a significant cause of decreased survival especially in […]

De Quarr

De Quarr aspires to be a concept store of souvenirs that is full of unique and contemporary arts and crafts from local artisans and designers. De Quarr believes that the handicraft has its unique identity and fascination. To help the locals increase household incomes and improve the quality of life sustainably, De Quarr develops innovative […]

Enabling Leadership

Enabling Leadership is a for-purpose organization which believes that ‘Every Child Can Become a Leader’. We currently work in Cambodia, Singapore and India, reaching 9000+ children (2022-23) who are unable to afford quality education. Our mission is to use fun and innovative mediums like sports, music, building blocks aimed at developing critical life skills and […]

Engineering Good Ltd.

We are a Singapore-based non-profit that supports inclusivity for vulnerable communities, such as persons with disabilities and low-income families, through sustainable engineering and technology.

Environment & Energy Technology, Inc.

Environment & Energy Technology Inc. (en2t, en-squared-t) is an environment-friendly and innovative Biosystems and Energy venture company founded in 2000 and headquartered at Deadeok National R&D District in Daejeon, Korea. en2t is promoting global sustainability initiative for the Sustainable Organiv Vertical farming (SOVFarming) in urban cities using food waste recycling technology with mushroom strains. Food […]

Fair Employment Foundation

We believe forced labor is a solvable world problem. Fair Employment Foundation is a Hong Kong based and registered nonprofit and the parent entity of a set of impact-focused subsidiaries providing an integrated solution to make the market work better for both workers and employers. We focus primarily on the domestic work sector and the […]

Forum for the Future

Forum for the Future is an international non-profit organisation with a purpose to accelerate the transformation toward a more just and regenerative future. We specialise in addressing critical global challenges by catalysing change in key systems, from food to apparel, energy to shipping. We do this by convening transformational collaborations to drive change, by partnering […]

Foundation For Excellence India Trust

Foundation For Excellence Inc. (FFE, USA), a tax exempt, publicly supported charitable organization based in Santa Clara, California, USA was established in 1994. Its Indian entity, Foundation For Excellence India Trust (FFEIT) was registered in 2003 as a Public Charitable Trust in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It is also registered under u/s 12A(a) of the IT Act, […]

Generation Thailand

Generation was launched by McKinsey & Company to close the education-to-employment gap for young people, and has now become a separate entity. Our vision is to enable a meaningful career and sustained well-being for every person, anywhere in the world. Generation operates in 17 countries and has had more than 71,000 learners and worked with […]

Gigatonne (10-in-10)

Gigatonne is a climate tech platform that sells a high-integrity supercredit. They use climate financing to create green jobs by training and financing teams in the Global South to do abatement activities and impact their local communities. They pay teams $200 per credit and sell for $250 – $500 (reduction – removals). One team can […]

Gogreen Protec Sdn Bhd

Gogreen Protec Sdn Bhd is an R&D company with a new device (prototype ready and tested) to clean greenhouse gases, air pollutants and volatile organic compounds. Our products are wholly developed in house, and are ready for demonstration. Our technology was recently featured in the National Technical Information Service(NTIS) IMM Programme 2021, in collaboration with […]

Good Business Lab

Good Business Lab (GBL) is a non-profit labor research and innovation organization dedicated to improving the lives of low-income workers by conducting rigorous research on the impacts of workplace programs on worker well-being and business performance. Our focus areas are: enabling women and marginalized groups to take up dignified work; providing workers with access to […]

GPS Renewables

Bioenergy is a significant part of GOI’s policy for achieving its NDCs. Bioenergy addresses climate impact in 2 key ways : first by preventing of the decomposition of waste and other feedstock which can release potent GHGs like methane. Second, bioenergy can replace use of fossil fuels thus helping climate change mitigation. From a geopolitical […]

Green Health Alliance

Green Health Alliance was conceived as an action-oriented alliance of diverse stakeholders that conceptualises the impacts of “climate, health and people” in a circular fashion. The alliance accelerates and institutionalises solutions for healthcare facilities to move towards net zero emissions and become climate resilient, while also empowering communities for the same.

Hagar International

Hagar is an NGO dedicated to the recovery of survivors who have endured extreme trauma because of human trafficking, slavery and gender-based violence. Since our founding in 1994, we have reached over 200,000 beneficiaries – majority of them women and children. Our work aligns with five strategic goals: Utilizing cross-regional lessons learned supporting survivors to […]


Handprint was founded in 2019 when seasoned entrepreneur Mathias Boissonot started working with SMU academics Assistant Prof Simon JD Schillebeeckx and Dr. Ryan Merrill following their research for UN and DBS on sustainable digital finance in Asia. Handprint’s mission is to make it valuable for companies to contribute to social and environmental regeneration in a […]

Help Without Frontiers Thailand Foundation

Help Without Frontiers Thailand is an NGO that invests in migrant children and youth from Myanmar, by empowering them with a better life and brighter future. They are committed to providing them with the ability to transform their lives through learning and education. The organisation focuses on five core areas: Education, Youth Empowerment, Child Protection, […]

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) – Open Mapping Hub-Asia Pacific

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is an international team dedicated to humanitarian action and community development through open mapping. We work together to provide map data which revolutionizes disaster management, reduces risks, and contributes to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Through our five Impact Areas – Gender, Public Health, Sustainable Cities, Disasters & Climate, and […]

Hydrogreens Agri Solutions Pvt Ltd

We enable & produce Feed & Food Stocks sustainably. One of the ways we do this is by setting solar-powered multipurpose vertical farms next to milk collection centers in dry & arid regions. We call these MFS or Multipurpose Fodder Stations. Each MFS can produce twice the fodder from an acre per year, with 99% […]