AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


India Animal Fund

India Animal Fund (IAF) is a backbone organisation that matches funders with credible & capable implementation partners and helps deliver impact at scale for the most pressing animal welfare issues. We are a diverse mix of passionate leaders from the corporate and animal welfare sector taking a strategic look at ending all forms of animal […]

Inphlox Water Systems Private Limited (Indra)

Indra is a deep tech water treatment company based out of Mumbai in India. We excel at decentralized treatment of wastewater with our patented electrical solution. We have treated over 900 million litres of water and potentially provided up to 75% net carbon savings with our water assets. Our modular plug and play systems treat […]

inspiraComm Sdn Bhd

inspiraComm Sdn Bhd is a social enterprise established in December 2016. As a training and consultancy company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the founders bring over 5 decades of corporate experience dedicated to creating innovative and empowering programmes that help children, youths and women to achieve their fullest potential.

Internet Society

Internet Society is a global nonprofit founded by Internet pioneers in 1992. Our vision is that the Internet is for everyone. Our mission is to support and promote the development of the Internet as a global technical infrastructure, a resource to enrich people’s lives and livelihoods, and a force for good. Over the past 30 […]

Issara Institute

Issara Institute (Issara means “freedom” in Thai and related dialects) is a non-profit organization based in Asia and the U.S. tackling issues of human trafficking and forced labor through worker voice, partnership, and innovation. Issara’s systems change-based model aims to eliminate labor abuses by transforming the systems and behaviours perpetuating labor exploitation, and empowering the […]


JALODBUST is a Hardware led Social Enterprise, registered as a company in Nov 2019 at Bangalore under the name of CHERRIES ENGINEERING AND INNOVATION INDIA PVT. LTD. Our motto is ‘Eradication of Manual Scavenging through Technology’ and our focus is on wet-sanitation. We believe that Manual Scavenging needs to end and the social disparity and […]

Kacific Broadband Satellites Ltd

Kacific Broadband Satellites Ltd is based in Singapore, and we own and operate Kacific-1, a Geostationary Ka-band satellite covering 25 regions in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. We connect governments, telecom operators, schools, hospitals in the unserved and underserved communities, and we are at the forefront of Emergency Communications for disaster response. The Kacific Foundation […]

KeepWell Telehealth, Inc.

Founded in midst of a global pandemic, KeepWell Telehealth, Inc. seeks to create a safe and conducive working environment for both Medical Practitioners and their Patients. Incorporating digital technology, data analytics, and an innovative payment structure for medical service providers. Combined with a thorough execution strategy brought about by a well-experienced team, KeepWell will be […]

Klinik Kenit

Klinik Kenit is a friendly primary healthcare centre that does not only provide service within the four walls of the clinic setting. Our vision is to be the most comprehensive one stop hub for early childhood development in Malaysia. We help children and families to thrive by providing nurturing care supports – health, nutrition, safety […]

Koperasi Desa Wisata Candirejo

Koperasi Desa Wisata Candirejo is a community enterprise as a co-operative in Indonesia, that focuses on Sustainable Tourism. We integrate Nature-based Tourism, Culture Tourism and Local Wisdom for Candirejo Village into Attractive Tour Packages, bringing immersive experiences for our guests, while providing livelihoods and economic empowerment for the local community. SEA Summit Impact Showcase 2021

Lionheart Farms (Philippines) Corp.

Our fascination is our vision, which has become the story of Lionheart. The sap harvested from the Coconut Flower is full of energy and nutrients; this raw material is the foundation of our products – from traditional coconut sugar to delicious syrup or nectar and savory coconut amino seasoning or vinegar. In 2016 we planted […]

Livestock Development for Community Livelihood (LDC)

Livestock Development for Community Livelihood Organization (LDC) is a sister organization of the Centre for Livestock and Agriculture Development (CelAgrid) since 1997 and was officially registered as LDC at the Ministry of Interior 2018. LDC is led by a group of competitive and experienced agricultural and livestock specialists and is working in close collaboration with […]

LK Domain Registry

LK Domain Registry is an independent non-profit organization, which helps Sri Lankan organizations and individuals create their unique identity on the web by registering .LK domains.

Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation

Lotus Petal Foundation founded in 2011 works on Changing Lives. One Child at a time. Our work spans three thematic areas- education, nutrition, and livelihood for underprivileged students and takes place through our two school campuses primarily. Our 2 educational campuses are operational in Village Silokhera and the other at Village Dhunela in Gurugram, India […]

Make A Difference (MAD)

Make A Difference (MAD), a Goa based NGO, works with children in need of care and protection (CNCP). MAD started from Kochi in 2006 was co-founded by Jithin C Nedumala who is its current CEO. Through its four key programmes—Ed Support, Foundational Programme, Transition Readiness & Aftercare, MAD provides children and developing adults in the […]


Mereka, a Social Enterprise founded in 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by the Biji-biji Group. We are recognised as an education technology provider which encompasses real-world applications, introduction and adoption of digital technology, and environmental and social governance (ESG). We serve international development agencies, foreign and local government agencies, corporate foundations, corporate clients, schools and […]

Miracle Foundation India

Miracle Foundation India works for children in need of care and protection both in vulnerable situations and in childcare institutions with a specific focus on 5 well-being domains (strengthening family and social relationships, healthcare including mental health, education, improving living conditions & household economy). Over the years we have impacted 1.6+ lakh children across 10 […]


Moreloop curates surplus fabrics from quality garment factories and creates a market to allow SMEs to access quality fabrics at reasonable price. By offering high quality alternatives to virgin materials, Moreloop aims to create a more sustainable world, reduces overall carbon emission, and make circular economy a reality.

Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS)

The Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) has been caring for Persons with Intellectual Disability (PWIDs) and their families since 1962. Grounded in the belief that all PWIDs have innate abilities and talents, MINDS is committed to empowering them and enhancing their quality of life, while advocating for greater inclusivity for PWIDs as […]

MySkills Foundation

MySkills Foundation was established in 2010 to serve as a sanctuary for youth-at-risk in Malaysia and allow them to become responsible citizens via a fully residential, Holistic Transformation Skills Training. The Holistic approach had impacted more than 1500 youth over the past 11 years. The core training model comprises Life Skills (Emotional, Life Management and […]

NPO Waffle

Waffle is the market leader in providing young women hands-on CS-related opportunities, and has won several prestigious awards, including one personally delivered by the Prime Minister of Japan. Specifically, Waffle provides three programs targeted at young women in middle and high school and one program for college students. All the programs share the same components: […]

Ocean Material Group

The Ocean Material Group (OMG) is a global network and solutions platform for the prevention of ocean plastic pollution. It brings together brands, researchers, manufacturers, recyclers, and collector communities to build certified supply chains to end marine plastic pollution. Under the umbrella of a compelling brand called Ocean Material®, OMG also provides a marketplace for […]


OnMyGrad.space is a Career Learning Platform for university students to learn directly from leading employers for free, and a one-stop Campus Recruitment, Employer Branding and Youth Enabling Social-impact Platform that connects Fortune 500 and leading companies to teach, engage, screen and assess top talents from universities with half of the original efforts via Immersive Job […]


Technology spinoff from Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore. Team of dedicated scientists across domains – Applied Physics, Electrical, Microbial, Water. We are a technology company whose mission is to enable global sustainable development by maximizing water re-use on site and minimizing carbon footprint. We offer simplified decentralized wastewater treatment and deploy technologies that increase water […]

PadCare Labs

PadCare is a leading clean-tech platform where we help organisations to achieve sustainable development, zero waste landfill and ESG goals while ensuring the health, hygiene and wellness of menstruators. We have developed a chemo-mechanical process for sanitary pads recycling. Our patented 5D technology powers a machine that efficiently processes used pads, producing two valuable outputs: […]

Passerelles Numériques

Passerelles Numériques (PN) is a French international NGO operating in Cambodia since 2006, the Philippines since 2009, and Vietnam since 2010. It aims at alleviating poverty through digital skills training. It thus provides free vocational training in IT to vulnerable youths, including over 50% of girls, covering accommodation, food, tuition and medical expenses of PN […]

Playeum Ltd

Playeum is an Institute of Public Character (IPC) Charity in Singapore that works with children in developing life skills; confidence, creativity, resilience, using open-ended play and the arts. The approach is child-led; creating safe spaces for the child to ideate, create and problem solve. It is not instructive but open-ended and through our lens of […]

Pro Sport Development

Pro Sport Development (PSD) is an award-winning social enterprise that uses sport, physical activity and play as a tool for the holistic development of young people from marginalized communities. Our vision is to use the power of sport to enable young people to build their soft skills and imbibe values, improve their physical health and […]

Prospect Burma

Prospect Burma addresses the skills gap in Myanmar to tackle the country’s worsening humanitarian crisis and to build human capital for a better future. We offer practical, targeted support to equip individuals and organisations with expertise to match their energy and dedication to build a peaceful future. We work with local partners to provide access […]

PT SeatechEnergy Indonesia

PT SeatechEnergy Indonesia is active in the production of seaweed. The company developed a platform for the offshore cultivation of seaweed at large scale.

R.O.L.E. Foundation: Bali WISE

The ROLE Foundation was established in 2007 as an environmental learning and conservation project. In recognition that a large number of families outside of Bali’s apparently prosperous, tourism-driven economy live in poverty. In poor families, if parents can’t afford to all of their their children to school, it is boys education that is prioritized. To […]


Founded in 2016 by Rahul Nainani & Gurashish Singh Sahni, ReCircle is a resource recovery clean-tech innovator working towards a circular future. ReCircle empowers consumers and brands to divert waste away from landfills & oceans, and back into the economy to be recycled, reused or repurposed. Headquartered in Mumbai, ReCircle has diverted over 1,05,000+ MT […]

Recity Network Private Limited

Recity is a Circular Plastic Asset Management Platform that aims to enhance waste recovery for circularity by bridging the demand-supply gap of recycled plastics. Delivering measurable impact, Recity is currently operational in 22+ cities, working with 3000+ waste value chain members and has brought 60,000 MTs of mismanaged waste into the circular economy.

Red Dot Foundation

Red Dot Foundation works at the intersection of gender, data and tech, urban design and community engagement. Our flagship programme is Safecity, a platform that crowdsources personal stories of sexual harassment and abuse in public spaces. This data which maybe anonymous, gets aggregated as hot spots on a map indicating trends at a local level. […]


Ricult is a social enterprise that develops AI/ data/ tech/ financial-based digital solutions for the agricultural ecosystem, focusing on smallholder farmers in developing countries and currently operating in Pakistan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Ricult is one of few companies in the world that operates at the nexus of Fintech and Agtech. Ricult aims to become integral […]