Salesforce’s Pro Bono Program


August 22, 2016


salesforce probono

Pro Bono Program aims to match nonprofits and higher education institutions with Salesforce professionals to maximize their Salesforce implementation and transform their organization.

What Makes A Successful Pro Bono Project?

  • Defines a narrow, specific project
  • Can be completed within a modest time frame (approx 10-20 hrs)
  • Helps achieve a strategic goal for your organization

How Does the Project Get Staffed?

  • They share your application with Salesforce employee volunteers to find a match
  • Staffing is dependent on the time and availability of volunteers
  • Not all projects can be matched with a volunteer

Ready to Apply?

To begin the application, please click here.

When you first log in, they’ll ask you to allow access to your basic information so they can use it in your application. Please click the Allow button.

Fill in all fields on the application before submitting. Once you submit, you will receive a confirmation by email stating your acceptance into the Pro Bono Program.