AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


ANGIN (Angel Investment Network Indonesia) has grown into the largest network of high-net-worth individuals in Indonesia who pool resources together to engage in early stage investment and mentoring.

Our Angel Investors are experienced and prominent business leaders who have built their wealth in various industries (e.g. media, real-estate, FMCG, natural resources) and are committed to provide early stage capital to entrepreneurs operating in various industries (technology/Internet, consumer products/services, social enterprises etc.). Our Angel Investors play a crucial role in nurturing Indonesian entrepreneurs with strategic guidance, deep industry expertise and access to networks. They have the patience to allow time for new industry leader and company maturation.

We invests in startups that meet at least the following criteria:
• Have a fully dedicated founding team (we do not accept entrepreneurs still on an employment activity or not full time on their project)
Currently raising pre seed to Series A (from USD 10,000 to USD 1,000,000). Above USD 150,000, we are usually considering syndication with an institutional lead investor (VC, Corporate)
Located in Indonesia or having its main operations in Indonesia

We facilitate investments in companies that have the potential for rapid growth, and financial returns. When filtering opportunities for review by the ANGIN team and its members, we look for the following qualities:
Solid founder and team with execution skills and clear understanding of the market they operate in
Large and addressable market opportunity in Indonesia and potentially regionally
Unique value proposition (service or product)
Strong competitive edge (proprietary technology, intellectual property, or other basis for sustained competitive advantages)
Clear strategy and plan that has the potential to produce returns to the angel investors
Legal structure that allows for equity/convertible loan investment (or the company is in process of incorporation)

You can apply for funding, here.

To get immediate response for your application, submit your application thru this process.