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Asia Social Innovation Award 2015 – Call for Social Start-Up Ideas!

It’s time for City Re-think! Everyone can take a first step to kick start an innovative and sustainable business solution to improve the city we live in.

How to participate:
1. Choose an urban issue that you are most concerned and committed to tackle.
2. Submit your innovative business idea in 200-500 words/video at www.socialinnovationaward.asia/submit!

Submission deadline:
28 September, 2015 for (Asian participants)
12 October, 2015 for (Hong Kong participants)

You will then get a chance to share your innovation, and have a complimentary trip for social start-up weekend in Hong Kong on 20-22 November, 2015.

Join us to kick start your idea! We look forward to receiving any concepts from you.

For further details, please visit www.socialinnovationaward.asia.