AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


s92015 marked the inauguration of the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Social Impact Strategy’s Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy.

The Executive Program is designed for talented mid-career professionals and aspiring change makers. Students of the program spend eight months completing a rigorous online curriculum, which includes video lectures, readings, and group discussions. This digital platform is accompanied by an in-person learning to give students the required tools, training and networks needed for them to execute maximum social impact within their organizations.

Dr. Peter Frumkin, Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, highlights, “creating social impact is an essential challenge to all organizations, regardless of geography or sector.” The Center for Social Impact Strategy, like AVPN, understands and grapples with this reality. As a result, the Executive Program is prepared to offer a $500 merit-based scholarship for any accepted applicant from the AVPN network.

Kaveh Sadeghian, Admissions Director of the Executive Program, explains, “students leave the program with greater confidence, clarity, and connections.” Stella Kim, a graduate of the program, attests to the curriculum’s success. She attributes her career shift to her experiences gained at the Center for Social Impact Strategy. She explains that the Executive Program was, “the critical piece of the puzzle that brought together my scattered passions in talent management, HR, education, and social impact into actionable short-term goals and a life-long dream.”

Stella represents one of thirty-two graduates of the program’s inaugural year. These individuals reside all around the world, implementing what they have learned to improve their social enterprises, lead more impactful lives, and hopefully to eventually revolutionize the social sector.

If you aspire change the status quo, apply to join the next class of social impact leaders and you may just learn the trick to sparking impactful transformation.