AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


About ToolBox India Foundation

Toolbox India (TBXI) Foundation works as a catalyst to provide strategic assistance to non-profit, growth-stage organizations through its portfolio of highly skilled, corporate volunteers. TBXI helps non-profits in the definition of their objectives and in optimising their existing resources, while enabling corporate volunteers to lend their expertise and know-how in management.

About M4I platform

M4I is an automated solution for organizing, analyzing and interpreting social development programme data. It can be used for generating custom reports embedded with insightful infographics. Building on its invaluable experiences, Toolbox is excited to launch its Open Access product— Measure for Impact: M4I — a free-for-access, cloud-based data analytics platform, as an efficient solution to capture social development programme activities & outcomes.

Who can use the M4I tool

It is free-of-charge to all purpose-driven, registered non-profit organisations with valid documentation.

Why you should use the M4I tool

The M4I tool provides organisations instant project tracking updates in terms of programme inputs, programme outputs and programme outcomes as well as ready-to-use visualisation dashboards to gauge developmental impact on beneficiary population. The M4I tool can effectively help organisations save valuable man-hours and financial resources by automating manual project monitoring activities.

Salient features of M4I tool

Fee/ Cost/ Charge

Free of Cost for first 3 years.

How to register: Steps to register

Visit TBXI’s website here & Register for free. Details of step by step guide to use the platform can be found on this link for FAQs.

If you have questions, please write to [email protected] for more details or speak with ToolBox Team on +91 9920884303

If you think this opportunity is suitable for other organisations in your network, feel free to communicate to them.

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