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This Fund seeks to meet our strategic aim to enable vulnerable communities living in priority geographical areas to improve their lives.

Overarching criteria

The following important concerns apply to all the work we fund.

We will support work which is intended to improve the overall wellbeing of communities, groups and people. The works may be in one or more thematic areas, whether health, education, governance, livelihoods, empowerment, or any other which assists them to deal with the immediate causes of their vulnerability but begins to look at the longer term factors that need to be addressed to help them get out of it.

Works proposed by NGOs for funding should fit in well with the NGO’s own long-term perspective plan. The justification for taking up such work should be clear and it should reflect the concerns of the communities. Communities should have played a core role in developing the ideas with the NGO.

More specifically, PHF will support work which results in an empowered community; which helps them address the factors that cause their vulnerability; and provides them an opportunity to look for long-term solutions to their problems either by strengthening themselves or influencing policy that works in their favour.


Applications for work under our Open Grants Fund can be made at any time. To apply, please click here.

You will need to complete an eligibility quiz to gain access to the form and begin a new application. This is to prevent you from wasting time on your application if you are ineligible.

If you have not applied to us before, you will need to create an account using your email address. Your log-in details will be sent to that email address, and you can access your application using the link we send you in that email.

You can find more information here.