AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


The Social Enterprise Challenge invites social entrepreneurs across India to come and raise money at Impact Guru’s platform for their ventures that benefit the society. So, whether your social enterprise is creating an app for woman safety or bringing jobs for the tribal community, this challenge is an opportunity for you to come forward and take your venture to the next level through crowdfunding.

From 15th Feb to 15th Mar 2017, keep popularising your campaign and we shall keep honoring your efforts at regular intervals

The social enterprise which raises the maximum funds, spreads the word of their campaign with the right donor base and garners truly amazing number of facebook shares gets to be our winner. All the other participating SEs too, will get an opportunity to keep up with their fundraising spirit and win exciting prizes. (Terms & Conditions)

SEC 2017 has an array of attractions and cash grants for social entrepreneurs.

We advise you to be on your toes throughout the challenge.

Witness how crowdfunding is so much more than just funding for social enterprises.

There is something for every social enterprise that signs up on our platform. So why wait?
Sign up here and be a part of the race for SEC 2017.