AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Given uneven economic growth and the diverse social challenges in South and Southeast Asia, it’s not surprising that the region’s nonprofit sector is vibrant and growing—with 3 million organizations registered in India alone. But the success of a nonprofit organization is not guaranteed—it depends on a focused mission and strategy, a sound operational model, effective alliances, and the right governance. Only then will an organization be able to scale operations and make a real difference in the lives of the people it serves.

To help nonprofits build these essential skills in order to succeed, Harvard Business School, in partnership with Ashoka University and Dasra, is inviting NGO leaders to apply to the Strategic Nonprofit Management – India program, a week-long residential program based in Sonepat, India. The program explores best practices in nonprofit strategy, leadership, and governance to prepare participants to build a high performance organization. It is the only program for the nonprofit sector in India today that brings faculty from HBS to India to facilitate sessions using the HBS case study methodology. The program is designed to meet the needs of senior executives who are strategic decision makers for nonprofit organizations operating in South or Southeast Asia.

The program will take place from 29 July – 2nd August.

For more information and to apply, please click here.

Deadline: May 2, 2018