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Projects applied directly to us should have well-defined and specific outcomes. Such projects can be a one-time or multi-year commitment. These projects shall fulfill one or more of these high-level strategic outcomes:

1. Equitable Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups
2. Resilient Community
3. Enhanced Quality of Life

For us to serve you better in your application, do allow us at least three to six months lead time before the commencement date of project for the processing of your application. A useful guide for this lead time is as follows:

Three months (90 days) for projects below $500,000
Six months (180 days) for projects above $500,000

Application for Funding

There are 3 types of Direct Funding which an applicant may apply for:

1. General Projects

For cases where your project meets Tote Board’s funding principles and strategic outcomes but is not covered by our partners’ programmes, (Download Application Form)

2. Fundraising Projects

For fundraising efforts by an organisation or on behalf of other charitable organisations. (Download Application Form)

3. Strategic Initiatives

These are initiatives that are organised by Tote Board. An announcement will be made when such initiatives are launched.

Submit your application form through any ONE of the following options:

Option 1: Online Submission

Click here to submit your online application.

Option 2: E-mail
[email protected] 

Option 3: Mailing Address
Grant Management Division
Tote Board
210 Middle Road
#06-01, Singapore 188994

Option 4: Fax
(65) 6216 8992

For enquiries on our Direct Funding procedures, please click here to e-mail us.

Tote Board reserves the right to reject late requests.

Claim for Funding

After the completion of the project, Tote Board will require the beneficiaries to submit relevant claim forms that should contain information stating the actual output/outcome and financial statement of accounts for the project.

Upon receipt of these claim forms, we will release the funds pledged to the beneficiaries.

Please submit the relevant forms below via hard copy only to our mailing address: