AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


The Asia Bureau of the United States Agency for International Development invites global problem solvers to answer the call for changing urban health practices in Asia from qualified US and non-US organizations.

Achieving meaningful health outcomes in the growing number of urban centers of Asia requires an accurate understanding of the outcomes that matter to all segments of the urban population. This cannot be achieved without leadership and investment from local government institutions, civil society organizations and the private sector, nor can these outcomes be sustained over the long term without this local buy-in.  Urban health, in particular, also requires collaboration far beyond the health sector to achieve lasting outcomes. Asia’s dynamism and development trajectory demands a shift in thinking beyond traditional development programming. Change agents—ranging from conventional thinkers to disruptive innovators—abound in Asia, providing partnership opportunities that can speed the development curve for health.

We seek to partner with these change agents to catalyze new ways of thinking in the urban health space. We will be using a Broad Agency Announcement process (BAA) process, which calls for expressions of interest (EOIs), select a small group of collaborators to co-create solutions together during a workshop in Bangkok to develop a concept note, and pending further review/approval, co-design a mechanisms that aim to foster game-changing solutions to advance urban health in Asia. USAID will involve the donor and development community in the collaborative design. India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam are the countries that will be participating in this design process.

Learn more and answer the call:

We are particularly interested in investing in and supporting approaches that spark transformational change and accelerate substantial and sustainable progress.

Please be advised that an EOI is submitted at the risk of the applicant. All preparation and submission costs are at the applicant’s expense.