AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Yifang Foundation supports projects on education, care for the elderly, research advocacy, social enterprise, social innovation, as well as research, exchange and development of NGOs in terms of social welfare. The project area mainly includes Beijing, Hong Kong, and also other regions. The funding period extends from one to three years. There are four categories of the amount of funding: less than 50,000 RMB ($8,050); 50,000-200,000 RMB ($32,200); 200,000-500,000 RMB($80,500) and more than 500,000 RMB.

You are eligible to become Yifang Foundation’s partner if you meet the following criterias as an organization or an individual:

  1. Accepting our belief and respecting our principles and mechanisms;
  2. A learning attitude with proactive communication and cooperation initiatives;
  3. Project management capacity with clear work plans and a commitment to agreed tasks;
  4. Working with accountability, openness, transparency, and mutual respect to ensure credibility and efficiency;
  5. Providing fact files and not engaging in any activities that might jeopardize our reputation.

The following factors will be prioritized in the project selection:

  1. To respond to the social needs and contribute to the realization of our project strategy;
  2. The project is well planned with clear objectives and feasible strategy;
  3. The project team is well organized with appropriate task allocation and strong management capacities;
  4. The project’s impact, demonstration and replication;
  5. The project risk can be managed within a controlled range.

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