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100YLA Online Conversation Series: Where Do We Go from Here? Innovation and Opportunities [LIVE Webinar]

By The University of Chicago Booth School of Business


Online and Hong Kong SAR China

Date & time

30 July 2020


30 July 2020

About this event

100 Year Lives in Asia (100YLA)

Life expectancy in Asia has increased significantly from 1955 to 2020. In many Asian societies, centenarians are still celebrated, but they are no longer a rarity. Society and government policies have not been designed around the expectation that people will live to 100. Education, career, family, financial security and many other topics will be explored in the 100YLA series to address the many changing needs people and their families have as they prepare to live longer lives.

COVID-19 has brought many consequences for young and old within their communities. The 100YLA series will discuss 100 year lives in the context of a world facing a COVID-19 future.

Kathleen Cagney, Professor of Sociology of the University of Chicago, will invite experts from Asia and the U.S. to discuss the phenomenon, implications, challenges and opportunities for an aging population in Asia.

Episode 7: Where Do We Go from Here? Innovation and Opportunities

Today, 80 is the new 60!  Innovations in healthcare are allowing seniors to be more active than ever before.  And they’re not only in better health, they also have money to spend.  Will they get an advanced degree?  Will they start a new business, renovate their dream home or write their memoir?  So many new possibilities exist for people who are living to 100.  And for today’s youth, how many start-ups can they launch before the age of 40, or degrees they might acquire before they are 35?  Living a long life in the twenty-first century is creating a plethora of new opportunities.

July 30, 2020 (Thursday)
7:30am | Chicago
1:30pm | London
2:30pm | Paris
6:00pm | Delhi
7:30pm | Jakarta | Ho Chi Minh City
8:30pm | Hong Kong | Beijing | Singapore | Manila | Taipei
9:30pm | Tokyo | Seoul
10:30pm | Sydney

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