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The 2017 ASEAN Smart Camp


Tazkia International Islamic Boarding School



Date & time

14 July 2017



16 July 2017


About this event

The camp aims to promote empathy through Science, Math, and Art (SMART) to ASEAN elementary school children (grade 4 – 6).

Empathy has been named as one of the four innate human natures, present since birth. Rapid technological advances, however, render post-millennial children liable to a sense of detachment to their surrounding and subsequently debilitating the sense of empathy within them. This eventually grows into an adverse issue for children’s social function can only be perfectly shaped if the balance of intellectual, physical, and emotional aspects is achieved. Furthermore, empathy is necessary for children to fathom the concept of science, mathematics, and art—all three are considered as the most important disciplines in ASEAN countries.

Science, mathematics, and art should be taught in fun and interactive manner for better learning. Theoretical understanding should also be coupled with the ability to implement knowledge in daily life. The concept for the three games provided in this event is able to build children’s creativity in problem-solving.

The intensive experiential learning method is commonly used in children pedagogy to facilitate simpler concept comprehension and implementation. Not only it increase engagement in learning process and boosts children’s confidence by proxy, it also forms a sense of belonging between children and their surrounding, especially if the method is designed with the nurture of empathy as a variable.

With that intention in mind, SociopreneurID establishes ASEAN Camp program, in collaboration with Technopreneurship Department of Surya University and cooperation with Tazkia International Islamic Boarding School and Elex Media Komputindo. This program is put up as a solution to foster empathy in adolescents that has been affected by the adverse effect of technological developments. In this program, children will encourage to finish games that require individual problem-solving skills. Item will be given to every child that can finish every game. Then, children will be prescribed to work in a group to assemble the items into a new product.

Through ASEAN Camp program, these children are expected to create products that can be useful to their family, friends, or teachers. These products will be made of items given to the children after finishing provided challenges. Challenges come in shape of games related to science, mathematics, or art that will hone the intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of children. The balance of the four facets would enable children to put themselves in others’ shoes, namely the sense of empathy. The ability to see matters from different point of views will allow children to depict a situation in high accuracy and react in proper manner.

For enquiries:

Dessy Aliandrina
Telp. +62 819 9333 2009
Email. [email protected]
Skype. aliandrd

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