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A.R.C. Challenge Malaysia Pitching Session – Youth, Cultural Rights and Climate Change

By British Council


Online and Malaysia

Date & time

25 March 2021



25 March 2021


About this event

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British Council Malaysia is organising the A.R.C Challenge Malaysia – in response to Climate Change and COP26 – which brings together stakeholders from the arts and creative industries, education, science and civil society sectors to collaborate on a common challenge in response to climate change and offer innovative and interdisciplinary solutions that create awareness and enhance resilience among youth. A grant call was held earlier this year for applicants to submit proposals on solutions that empower young people to take positive action which can cascade awareness and create greater resilience amongst others in their generation, as well as influence policy making.

The A.R.C. Challenge Malaysia Pitching Session aims to provide a platform for the three winning projects of the A.R.C. Challenge Malaysia Grant to pitch to a panel and audience of funders and experts. This curated event hope to bring support to the grant project teams in terms of delivery, scalability and potentially, further funding and collaborations.

The session will feature the following:

  • Short pitching presentations by our three winning grantees,
  • Feedback session by the panellists, and
  • A breakout room session, deep dive discussion where the grantees have a chance to asks panellists and audiences further questions delivery, scalability, and support on further funding and collaborations.
Time (MY) Programme
4.30pm Introductions and Forum 1 Recap

Sharaad Kuttan, Senior Advisor, Astro Awani
Session Moderator on behalf of the British Council

4.35pm Welcome Remarks

Prachi Seth, Climate Specialist, Manager, Climate Action Platform
Asian Venture Philanthropy Network, AVPN

4.40pm Pitching Sessions & Feedback

1.    RIPPLE pitch session
2.    Weaving Hopes for the Future pitch session
3.    Visioning the Future and Storytelling for Climate Change pitch session

4.55pm Feedback by 6 expert panellists and participants
5.20pm Deep Dive Discussion – Breakout rooms

3 rooms for 3 discussion sessions

5.40pm Summary of breakout room discussions by rapporteurs
5.53pm Participants digital feedback on event
5.55pm Closing remarks

Jazreel Goh, Country Director Malaysia, British Council

6.00pm End

Registration closes on 24 March 2021.

Kindly note that the registration for this forum is mandatory as there is a limited number of slots. Microsoft Teams has a limit of 250 participants therefore this will be on a first come, first serve basis. We apologise in advance if you are unable to attend but please do follow our website and social media platforms for the session’s recording and resources.

The unique forum link will be sent to registered individuals on 25 March 2021 by 2pm MYT.

We welcome you to share this email invitation with your communities and network.

For additional information on the full A.R.C. Challenge Malaysia project and its activities please visit our website OR;

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