AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Toniic Annual Global Gathering & 100% Gathering

By Toniic


The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe: San Diego Resort and Spa, 5951 Linea Del Cielo
Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, CA


United States

Date & time

15 March 2020



19 March 2020


About this event


Toniic is excited to invite you to join in the delightful climate of San Diego, California for their Annual Global Gathering & 100% Gathering in March of 2020.

Sunday March 15 – Wednesday 18, 2020: Annual Global Gathering

Wednesday March 18 – Thursday 19, 2020: Toniic’s 100% Network Gathering

The theme this year, Love and Evidence, explores our motivations and actions as impact investors.

Most impact investors are deeply motivated by love for the planet and all its inhabitants. We make an effort to extend their circle of caring more broadly than the norm. Often, however, a smaller role is reserved for evidence than for love or passion. How much do we incorporate what the data tells us about which interventions will most likely have outsize impact? These motives can feel in opposition — should we invest or give where we feel the most passion, or where dispassionate analysis tells us we can do the most good?

The theme of AGG20 is the integration of love and evidence. Drawing upon ongoing developments in the fields of impact investing and philanthropy, we will explore how we each hold this apparent tension in our work. Our goal, for those of us who make caring for the world a central tenet of our life’s work, is to arrive at a balance and integration that is personally appropriate and deeply fulfilling. Adam Bendell, Toniics’ CEO, shares more on the theme here.

Please join us at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe just north of San Diego, our home for the 2020 AGG. The Inn is full of eclectic charm and Spanish style comfort. It’s the perfect place to huddle, learn, convene, ponder, integrate, expand, grow, experience, network, build, and transform.

AGG20: March 15 – March 18th 2020 (Sunday)

AGG20 will start at 11:00 am Sunday March 15th. It will officially kick off with an Impact Funds Showcase, followed by programming, a welcome and onboarding session for newcomers to the Toniic community, and conclude the AGG with our final group lunch on Wednesday, March 18th.

Toniic’s 100% Network Gathering 2020: Wed. March 18 (after lunch) – March 19 (after lunch)

With a new twist, this year we’ll be following the AGG with a 100% Network gathering beginning Wednesday. March 18th after lunch and completing after lunch Thursday March 19th.

  • 100% Network members, please note, the post-AGG 100% Gathering will replace our spring 100% Gathering held for the previous few years on the East Coast of the United States.

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