Apolitical Webinar Series: For a cross-sectoral partnership to succeed, how crucial is it to identify common objectives?



Date & time

31 July 2017



31 July 2017


About this event

Apolitical will be kicking off a series of events discussing the importance of Innovative Public Partnerships with a webinar hosted by Sriven Naidu of the Singapore Management University.

To launch a series of events for our topic channel Innovative Public Partnerships, Apolitical will be hosting a webinar on the question: “For a cross-sectoral partnership to succeed, how crucial is it to identify common objectives?” Hosted by one of our editorial board members, Sriven Naidu— Director of Programme Development and Partnerships for the Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration (MSTC) at the Singapore Management University—alongside three other panelists, the event will include a short talk, followed by brief responses from the panelists, and conclude with a Q&A of questions crowd-sourced from our community.

Often, collaborations can be established on the grounds of complementary activities in which each party benefits from undertaking their own business as usual.
But for a solid and long-term partnership to flourish, do partner organisations require common objectives?
Can parties even begin working together without identifying shared objectives?
How can we establish such shared goals?
Or, are charismatic, respected and effective leaders enough to guarantee success?
Should it be missions and values that are shared rather than merely strategic plans?


RSVP for the event here. The password is: “innovation”. Attendance capacity will be limited.*

If you are a member of our community and are interested in submitting questions for the Q&A, please send them to our community manager Darius Lerup at darius.lerup@apolitical.co

* You do not need to be a member of Apolitical to attend the webinar, however if we reach capacity, members will be given priority.

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