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Ask the Experts Series – Impact Measurement and Management
(Part 1)

By AVPN Academy



Date & time

(GMT +8)

03 November 2022


03 November 2022

About this event

Ask the Experts series are Q&A conversations with experts from various fields of knowledge and practice in the social investment space. Spearheaded by the AVPN Academy, the series is an opportunity for learners and practitioners to directly ask renowned experts about how they could further their impact work.

Ask The Experts with Jeremy Nicholls (Part 1)

Ask the Experts (ATE) kicks off with a session that aims to deepen learners’ understanding of Impact Measurement and Management (IMM). Ask all your burning questions on SDG Impact Standards and how these can be used into different investments, straight from Jeremy Nicholls, Assurance Framework Lead for the UNDP SDG Impact Standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join this session?

  1. Register for the first session.
  2. Go through the pre-reads (IMM modules and resources library).
  3. Post two to three questions on the AVPN Academy platform that you want the expert to answer.
  4. Attend the session and get your answers.

How is this program different from any other webinar on IMM?

This program does not consist of only a webinar. Participants registering for this program are invited to the AVPN Academy to access the IMM videos and knowledge repository, where learning is self-paced. The participants then post questions on the discussion forum where there are avenues of peer learning. The questions can also be posted anonymously. The participants then participate in the live webinar where a renowned IMM expert answers their questions.

As a bonus, the participants have the opportunity of meeting the expert for a follow-on conversation if they undertake an independent self-diagnostic that will be shared in the first session.

What’s the format of the expert session?

This live session with the expert will only be a question and answer session. Unlike a webinar where participants have the last 5-10mins to ask a question, this live session is fully dedicated to Q&A. The chances of participants getting the answers to their questions are higher here than in a regular webinar.

Jeremy Nicholls
Assurance Framework Lead,
UNDP SDG Impact Standards

Jeremy is an ambassador for the Capitals Coalition (a global collaboration to integrate sustainability into business decision making), a member of Accounting for Sustainability’s Expert Panel and chairs the project team for ISO 37005, selecting, creating and using indicators for governing bodies. He originally qualified as a chartered accountant, including time as the Finance Director for Tanzania Railways.

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