AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


AVPN HK Roundtable: Toniic’s new T100 Report

By Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)


RS Group Office, Wanchai


Hong Kong SAR China

Date & time

11 June 2018



11 June 2018


About this event

Impact Investing is a rapidly growing and evolving class within the social investment sector. Toniic, a global network for impact investors, is publishing their newest T100 report this month. The report is a study of 76 portfolios from family offices, foundations and high-net-worth individuals committed to fully investing for social and environmental impact. When the term impact investing was coined 10 years ago, it typically meant early-stage investments in social enterprises. This report reinforces that the state of the art in impact investing is a portfolio approach, in which investors seek positive impact in all asset classes across a portfolio. It also shows the increasing discernment of these investors in balancing impact and financial goals in different parts of their portfolios.

This event will be an opportunity to hear from the CEO of Toniic, Adam Bendell on insights from their new T100 report and on the state of global impact investing including:

  • How investors can align their work to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • How different investors measure impact
  • How to think about asset classes and liquidity when pursuing particular impact themes
  • What tradeoffs different impact investors do or don’t make with respect to financial returns
  • How goals vary between family offices, foundations and individuals

Join us to build a vibrant impact investment community across Asia!

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Adam Bendell

CEO, Toniic

Adam is an entrepreneur, innovator, mentor of startups and social impact investor. Adam has been investing in microfinance and social impact enterprises for nearly a decade. He has visited more than 15 such enterprises in India and Africa, has served as a mentor to social impact entrepreneurs, and has been a supporter of Acumen since 2009. Adam, who is based in San Francisco, is passionate about the role of for-profit business in tackling some of the world’s thorniest problems, as a complement to strategic philanthropy.

He holds a B.A. from Cornell University, a J.D. from University of Chicago Law School, and was a visiting student at the London School of Economics.

About the Speaking Organisation

Founded in 2010, Toniic is the global action community for impact investors. As a non-profit member organization, Toniic serves individuals, family offices, foundations, endowments, funds, and members of the public committed to aligning their investments with their values across all asset classes. Toniic envisions a global financial ecosystem creating positive social and environmental impact. With that vision at its core, the mission of Toniic is to empower impact investors to contribute to the development of this sustainable global ecosystem.

The 100% Impact Network is a sub-network of Toniic. Its members are principal-level investors who have intentionally committed to moving 100% of an investment portfolio to investments that create positive social and environmental impact. Within a trusted network of peers, “100%ers” have committed to sharing their impact portfolios with each other. The 100% Impact Network provides these investors with a powerful suite of tools as well as a trusted community built on values where they can share their investment approaches and lessons learned among the membership.

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