AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


AVPN March Roundtable in Hong Kong: How Governments Frame Policies to Increase Capital for the Social Economy

By Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)


IDEA rooms,
41/F Revenue Tower,
5 Gloucester Road,


Hong Kong SAR China

Date & time

23 March 2017



23 March 2017


About this event

This is a by invitation only event. For any queries, please contact us at [email protected]

Increasingly governments across Asia are exploring how businesses (social enterprises) can be encouraged to deliver more social impact; and they are beginning to innovate with the range of policy and legislative tools they have at their disposal in order to achieve this.

This roundtable aims to share lessons from a number of governments (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Korea) which have established innovative policies and launched new initiatives to strengthen social enterprises and social investment, as key elements to a thriving social economy.  It will explore the contexts in each of the countries as well as the rationale for the various approaches that have been taken. It will also be an opportunity to discuss the relative impact of different approaches to civil society, private sector and social impact organisations.  The broader aim is for participants to benefit from the learning and sharing of good practices and experiences.

 The Roundtable Seeks to:

  1. Highlight how certain governments decided on their approach and what is the context within which the policy or initiative has taken place
  2. Explore which part(s) of government led the implementation of the policy or initiative and why
  3. Discuss how have key stakeholders responded (E.g. social entrepreneurs, social investors, other parts of government, etc.)

This event is a precursor to our Annual Asia Policy Forum to be held this year in Bangkok on 5th June 2017

Who Should Attend

  • Representatives from policy-making agencies or instruments of various governments. Particularly relevant for countries who are preparing for policy proposals that involve defining the social enterprise landscape, and wish to learn from the experience of Hong Kong and other countries
  • Representatives from multi-lateral organisations or quasi-government agencies, that collaborate with government policymakers
  • Representatives from organisations who have a funding interest in policy change of this nature

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