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AVPN September Webinar: Building Myanmar’s Pipeline of Tech Ventures and Social Enterprises

By Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)





Date & time

27 September 2018



27 September 2018


About this event

Over the past years, individuals and organisations have experienced the potential of Impact Investing. In addition, tech startups have the potential to bring in the latest technologies from around the world, thereby leapfrogging developments in localised areas.

The Impact Investment and technology space in Myanmar is slowly but surely coming to life. Several organisations are actively shaping and driving these fields further. In this webinar, hear from AVPN members, Phandeeyar and Rockstart Impact (One To Watch‘s Accelerator Programme), who will share insights on the most recent developments in Myanmar.

The webinar aims to:

  • Identify investment opportunities in Myanmar’s tech start-up and impact entrepreneurs spaces;
  • Evaluate the impact that your investment can make;
  • Set expectations along the investment journey.

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  Jes Kaliebe Petersen
CEO, Phandeeyar

Jes is a tech entrepreneur and the CEO of Phandeeyar, Myanmar’s leading tech hub. Phandeeyar invests in Myanmar’s growing startup ecosystem, and supports the tech community to accelerate the country’s change. Jes is passionate about creating lasting impact using technology, and has started, built and worked with tech companies in multiple industries including fintech, social media and telecom. Prior to joining Phandeeyar, Jes co-founded Afghanistan’s first social network, empowering millions of Afghans to communicate and share digitally.
Robbert Groenen
Programme Manager, Rockstart Impact, One To Watch

Robbert started his career in the financial centers of London and Mexico City. Thereafter he moved to Nepal to work at One to Watch, an Impact Investment Fund which connects capital and expertise from around the world to impactful Nepali and Burmese entrepreneurs. Robbert has set up an accelerator program called Rockstart Impact in Myanmar, of which the first round has finished in June of this year. Currently he is preparing the second round of Rockstart Impact in Myanmar and developing the impact investment fund of One to Watch in Myanmar.

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