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AVPN Webinar: Practicing Results-based Finance on the Ground

By Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)


Online and India

Date & time

27 February 2020



27 February 2020


About this event

Practicing Results-based Finance on the Ground
Date : Thursday, 27 February 2020
Time : 4:00-5:00pm (IST)

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In the first webinar on innovative finance series, we discussed what innovative finance means, how it can be deployed effectively, the two objectives of innovative finance – increasing efficiency of existing funds vs leveraging additional funds, and addressed some of the myths and perceptions around it.

In the second session, joined by Gautam Chakraborty of USAID, AVPN member KOIS aims to deep dive into increasing efficiency of existing funds, and explore a subset of the innovative finance toolkit, and results-based finance. The session will look to outline how to design and structure a specific transaction and illustrate its applications through selected case studies in India.

More specifically, this session will cover:

  • What results-based financing is, and how it can be applied in different scenarios
  • The key objectives of results-based financing: increasing accountability, shifting to a focus on outcomes, and improving efficiency
  • The steps involved in structuring and launching a results-based finance instrument: the prerequisites, the program design, and the process of implementation while aligning with local legal systems
  • The evolution of results-based financing in India, through selected case studies


About the Speakers

Gautam Chakraborty,
Development Assistance Specialist (Health Finance), USAID India

Gautam Chakraborty works as a Development Assistance Specialist (Health Finance), in USAID/India since September 2016. He has over two decades of experience working on health systems in India, especially in the area of health economics and finance. In USAID, he is managing the innovative financing portfolio for health including impact bonds, loan portfolio guarantees, and blended finance platforms, with a focus on improving access, quality and affordability of healthcare in India.

Serena Guarnaschelli,
Partner, KOIS

Serena is an expert in innovative finance and impact investing, and is currently supporting the ICRC with the structuring and launch of the world’s first Humanitarian Impact Bond. She designed and supported the launch of Convergence, a blended finance platform focused on emerging and frontier markets.

Prabu Thiruppathy
Principal, KOIS

Prabu specializes in innovative finance, impact investing, and building inclusive business models in healthcare. He advises corporates, development agencies, and private investors on the design and structuring of innovative finance vehicles, and handles investments in disruptive healthcare innovators and enterprises.

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