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Date & time

10 May 2013



10 May 2013


About this event

Date:                     10 May 2013

Time:                     1 – 6pm

Venue:                 Singapore Management University

Size:                       20 to 30 participants (maximum size is limited)

Fee:                       SGD150 (AVPN member & conference attendee)/ SGD300 (standard)

–          Price of ticket includes networking lunch before the workshop.


Workshop Leader

     SROI Network

Jeremy Nicholls , CEO, The SROI Network


About The Workshop

There is a lot of discussion about social impact these days and a lot of the information out there may seem confusing or not very relevant to you. AVPN and the SROI Network are running a very practical workshop which will cut through the language and help you decide why you might want to improve what you are already doing and what you need to do to get there.

The workshop will consider how attendees want to use social impact information, the level of rigour necessary for that use and compare this with what you are doing on social impact now. This will form the basis of a practical plan for moving from where you are to where you want to be.

In order to make this a successful mix of training, sharing experience and planning, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire exploring what you are doing already and how you use the information you currently collect.


What You Will Learn

  • Participants will learn that what you want out of social impact determines what you need to do. You will also learn how existing approaches, for example SROI, IRIS, GIIRS, can achieve the above.
  • Develop plans for your approach and consider implications for due diligence, information systems, internal culture, board skills and relevant areas.


Who Should Attend

Investors in social impact, but also investees who want to develop their approach to social impact measurement.



Time Description
1 – 2 pm Networking Lunch for all workshop attendees
2.15pm Workshop starts – Introduction
2.30pm Reviewing what we are doing now, where we want to go in relation to accountability, rigour and decision making
3.00pm Breaking down social impact into constituent elements and considering each against where we want to go
4pm Break
4:15pm Exploring how current approaches meet our needs
5.00pm Developing plans for approach to impact
6:00pm Workshop Ends


Additional Information

This will be a practical session designed around what individual participants want from social impact. Participants will get most value if they are willing to share what they are doing with others and respond to a questionnaire that will be circulated in advance.


Background on Workshop Leader

Jeremy Nicholls is the chief executive of the Social Return on Investment (SROI) Network, which is a membership organisation for individuals, organisations and companies supporting principles and standards in accounting for social and environmental value. In this role he advises public, private and voluntary sector organisations on how they can increase the value created by their work.

He is the chair of FairPensions, a director of the FRC Group (a social business based in Liverpool UK), the Chair of the Social Impact Analysts Association, and a director of Social Evaluator (an online platform for the analysis of social returns). He lectures at several Universities including The Said Business School at Oxford University and the University of Western Australia.

He has written ‘There is no business like Social Business’ with Liam Black, ‘More for your money, A guide to procuring from social enterprises’ with Justin Sachs and worked with others to write a number of SROI guides including, most recently, the UK Government supported ‘Guide to SROI’.


About The SROI Network

The SROI Network is an international membership organisation and the home for social return on investment principles. The network provides support, training and information for anyone interested in accounting for the value of their work. For more information go to www.thesroinetwork.org and wikivois.org.

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