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“BoP Hub: Transforming Poverty into a Vibrant Marketplace at the Base of Pyramid”



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24 April 2014



24 April 2014


About this event

“Charity is not the solution. To get out of poverty you need an income. Philanthropy should focus on teaching a man to fish and not give him a fish.” – Jack Sim, Founder of World Toilet Organization and BoP Hub.

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The four billion people at the base of the pyramid (BoP) belong to low-income populations, with incomes below $3,000 per year and live in relative poverty. However, many overlook the significant market opportunities which exist at the BoP due to the widely-held belief that the poor have low purchasing power; therefore, most products and services are aimed at serving middle-class and rich customers. The BoP constitutes a $5 trillion global marketplace: a ‘blue ocean’ marketplace waiting to be tapped.

In this webinar, Jack Sim, founder of World Toilet Organization and BoP Hub, will provide an overview of the current trends at the BoP marketplace and focus on the importance of the wellness sector for the BoP. Recent studies have highlighted the significance of the nexus between food and water. There is a clear link between health, nutrition, water and sanitation – without the provision of clean and safe water and sanitation facilities, individuals suffer from poor health and nutrition. Therefore, the concept of ‘wellness’ cannot be pursued on its own and is interlinked to various other critical sectors affecting the BoP. The best way to go is to catalyse new business opportunities by bridging the silos, exploiting this connection amongst several sectors and sourcing novel solutions to deliver wellness and transform the value chain. We need to engage social entrepreneurs, major corporations and researchers to create a vibrant wellness market place.

The webinar will be joined by a sector expert in the wellness sector, sharing their experience of entering the BoP marketplace. (TBC)

Join us to find out more about the potential in this sector and how commercial companies, social entrepreneurs and other stakeholders can create a game-changing environment for the majority of the world’s population and future generations. Register for the webinar at the link below:


24th April 2014, 4pm Singapore time

 About the speaker

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Jack Sim is founder of BOP Hub and the World Toilet Organization. A successful businessman-turned-sanitation-advocate, Jack has spearheaded a global campaign in breaking the taboo around toilets and sanitation through his quirky mix of humour and serious facts. In 2004, Singapore’s National Environment Agency awarded Jack the Singapore Green Plan Award 2012. He was named Social Entrepreneur of the Year by Schwab Foundation in 2006. In 2007, the Asian Development Bank named Sim an ADB Water Champion. Jack was also the first Singaporean to be elected as an Ashoka Global Fellow in the same year. TIME magazine selected Sim as one of their Heroes of the Environment in 2008 and Channels New Asia named him Asian of the Year in 2009. In 2013, Sim was elected as Synergos Senior Fellow.

Seeing the need for a collaborative platform to create synergy between all stakeholders to scale up good social business models, he established BoP Hub. From 28-30 August, BoP Hub will be hosting the inaugural BoP World Convention & Expo in Singapore. A 65, 000 sq ft BoP Design Centre based in Singapore will be completed in 2015.

Yannick Fong

Yannick FOING was appointed Regional Manager, Nutrition Improvement Program Asia Pacific for DSM Nutritional Products, based out of Singapore, in August 2012. In his role, he works together with industry, UN agencies, governments and civil society to bring innovative affordable and aspirational nutritional solutions to the base of the pyramid (BoP) and the region’s most vulnerable populations.

DSM’s Nutrition Improvement Program follows a creating shared value strategy and works with like-minded partners to support staple food fortification programs and develop new sustainable and inclusive distribution channels and business models to improve nutrition of the BoP.

Prior to joining DSM, from 2009 to 2012, Yannick was Director of Partnerships and Fundraising for a France-based non-profit, BioVision, organizer of the World Life Sciences Forum. From 2004 to 2008, Yannick co-founded the US subsidiary of a leading French biotechnology company, Genfit, and was appointed US Business Development Director, based out of Boston, USA.

Yannick holds a Master of Science in Molecular Biology from University of Strasbourg (France). He also holds a Master of Science in Public Health and Nutrition from University of Montreal (Canada).

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