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BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS TO MAKE SOCIAL CHANGE HAPPEN: Building strong, effective & sustainable social purpose entities


SIM Performing Arts Theatre,
Block D, Level 1,
461 Clementi Road



Date & time

31 January 2018



31 January 2018


About this event

Are you prepared to build and fund a strong, world class social purpose entity? As an organisation that embraces CSR, what kind of Social Change Agent are you? Is your supporting Social Purpose Entity (SPE1) achieving the envisioned change for which it is set up or getting in the way of Social Change? We might have the answers!

Working for in the non-profit or corporate sector supporting a social cause, we want to make social change happen and advance the common good. However, we face significant barriers as a Social Change Agent to improve the lives of individuals and communities around us.

Join Paul Shoemaker, to learn how to break barriers to develop Great People, Great Infrastructure and Great Programs to create positive social change. Shoemaker was named one of the:

  • Top 50 Most Influential People in the Nonprofit Sector” by The NonProfit Times in 2011 and 2012;
  • Philanthropist of the Year” by Future in Review in 2013.


Make prudent investment of your organisation’s time, money and human capital to support SPEs wisely. This will in turn accrue value to your company, in terms of branding, employee morale and community engagement.

This Master Class will share best practices on how you can break down barriers to make social change happen. Shoemaker, with his 20 yearsexperience working in the sector as well as on the ground working alongside with SPEs all over the world, will share key success factors to build world class non-profits that lasts for the long term that yields significant social impact.



*Note: Conference Fees stated is before GST.

This conference pass gives you access to a full day of keynote speeches, panel discussion and Master Class.
Lunch is provided.

2Bundle Promotion
We are pleased to share that we will sponsor 2 seats for every 3 paid seats registered by organisations so that more people in the non-profit community can benefit from this conference. Government agencies and statutory boards are not eligible for bundle promotion.

For instance, if the organisation registers for 5 pax, the organisation will be billed conference fees for the first 3 pax, according to the price category the organisation is entitled to. Conference fees for the other 2 pax from the same organisation will not be collected.

1Social Purpose Entities refers to Social Service Organisations (SSOrgs), social enterprises and non-profits

Register here by 8 January 18.

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