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Build a World of Play Challenge

By Lever for Change

Date & time


18 February 2022


07 April 2022


About this event

The Build A World Of Play Challenge is a DKK 900 million challenge (approximately USD 143 million) to fund bold ideas that will help build a world where every child has the chance to play and learn.
The Challenge seeks solutions designed to meaningfully impact the well-being and holistic development of young children (birth-to-six) in a sustainable way. It asks the question: what if the needs of the world’s youngest children, their families and their communities were a driving force in everything from the way societies design care and education systems, plan health systems, design cities and infrastructure and tackle the climate crisis?

Organizations from around the world are invited to apply with ideas that transform early childhood experiences while addressing global social issues to ensure that all young children grow up in safe, nurturing, and stimulating environments – where they have everything they need to thrive. The Challenge is seeking ideas that connect with and can be integrated across systems and sectors, that are contextually relevant and that resonate within the communities who will ultimately own and sustain them.

Up to ten finalists will be selected in September 2022. Each finalist will receive DKK 6.5 million (approximately USD 1 million) to strengthen their proposed plan, start building their team, and scale up to successfully implement their innovation. Selecting from amongst the finalist organizations, the LEGO Foundation will announce up to five awards by the end of 2022. There will be three grants awarded for DKK 200 million (approximately USD 30 million) each and two grants awarded for DKK 100 million (approximately USD 15 million) each.

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