Building for India, Building for the World

By Ankur Capital


Online and India

Date & time

21 July 2020



21 July 2020


About this event

Join us for an exciting dialogue!

We’re bringing together Rajan Anandan, Alexander Lazarow and Krishna Kumar to unpack their overarching perspective on Frontier Technologies

  • Do frontier tech companies have to be global from the get go?
  • What should Indian entrepreneurs focus on – solving for the next billion or the global market? How do they identify good ideas?
  • What challenges can Indian startups expect to face when going global?
  • How can the entrepreneurial ecosystem help them?

India is leapfrogging into a new era. Millions of people are coming online for the first time. India’s consumers are riding a technological and digital wave. There is a need to create an ecosystem for emerging technologies. Simultaneously, Indian startups are grabbing the spotlight on the global stage. Our entrepreneurs are innovating technologies and stumbling upon an interesting trend – their technologies are as relevant for the next billion users as for the global market.

Ankur Capital is dedicated to investing in innovative products & technologies that impact the lives of the next billion. With that focus in mind, we have been hosting a series of dialogues with various thought leaders in the ecosystem. Feel free to access our past ACD editions here. On July 21st, we bring to you a session on “Building for India, Building for the World.”

Catch us live at 6:30 pm, on Tuesday 21st July 2020!

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