AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Building Your Portfolio to Support Indigenous Communities

By Oxford Said Business School



Date & time


23 May 2024



23 May 2024


About this event

Step inside our virtual classroom and join Gayle Peterson, Oxford Social Finance Programme Director, as she discusses ways to leverage indigenous capital.

Learn how to:

  • Deploy $36B in assets from Wells Fargo.
  • Develop a $250M fund to support affordable housing.
  • Launch a social enterprise and raise $5M to help save the Amazon.

Three strategies with similar outcomes — to deploy capital for Indigenous communities to meet healthcare, housing, climate needs. Learn what strategy is right for you.

Gayle is joined by Oxford alumni and impact leaders, Dawson Her Many Horses, Managing Director, Wells Fargo; Jeff Cyr, CEO Raven Indigenous Capital Foundation; Aldo Soto, co-founder, and Managing Director of Amazonia Impact Ventures (AIV).

Each will share their unique journey and strategy for having a positive impact on indigenous peoples and the planet by expanding access to capital and preserving culture and creating jobs. Their vantage point as a leader in social finance: ·

  • Dawson is one of two bankers in the United States to manage a multi-billion-dollar tribal portfolio.
  • Jeff created Raven Indigenous Outcomes Fund which is recognised as one of the top 25 transformative funds.
  • Aldo and the AIV team—comprised of other OSFP alums — are recognised by the World Economic Forum Tropical Forest Commodity Challenge as a global leader in providing indigenous communities and their partners access to finance and technical assistance to sustain farms and forests.

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