Changemaker Exchange China

Event details
  • May 24th, 2019, - May 28th, 2019,
  • Country: China

ChangemakerXchange (CXC) 2019 is a 5 day all expenses paid experience for the world’s top young social innovators and corporate intrapraneurs (between 18-35 years). Ashoka has been running CXC globally for 3 years, in partnership with the Robert Bosch Foundation. This program has already impacted 600+ changemakers from 80+ countries that form one of the world’s most powerful communities of young changemakers.

This year for the first time, we are also opening up CXC to corporate intrapraneurs as we strongly believe that businesses are going to be a trememdous force for good in the future – a philosophy that we know we share closely with AVPN members. For the CXC program, we are looking for intrapreneurs, who would be individuals within a corporate who have:

  • Taken an entrepreneurial approach to working on an internal corporate initiative
  • Created networks and brought stakeholders onboard in order to ensure that their initiatives reach fruition
  • Have a resilient approach and are open to the idea of failure as a learning process

More details and application form is available on:

Application deadline: 28 February 2019