AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Climate Action: An Intersectional Approach



Online and India

Date & time

24 June 2021



24 June 2021


About this event

Arthan in collaboration with Climate Trends brings together the first of three editions in our Climate Series titled Climate Action: An Intersectional Approach seeks to build a deeper understanding of climate change as a social issue. The discussions aim to bring to the forefront the interlinkages between climate change and different social issues in India, with the objective of fostering collaboration towards a common vision of fighting climate change and building climate resilience.

We have an exciting line-up of sessions and speakers for the forum. Join the program to hear the experts talk about how climate change intersects with various social issues.

Speakers include Aparna Uppaluri from Ford Foundation, Moutushi Sengupta from MacArthur Foundation, Ranu Bhogal from OXFAM India, Chetna Gala Sinha from Manndeshi Bank and Foundation, Neeraj Jain from PATH, Amitabh Behar from OXFAM India, Ashif Shaikh from Jan Sahas, Rohit Chandra from IIT-Delhi & CPR, Dr. Arun Sharma from ICMR, Aarti Khosla from Climate Trends, Dr. D. Prabhakaran from Centre for Chronic Disease Control and Satyam Vyas from Arthan.

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