AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Climate Risk Data Analytics for a Better Tomorrow

By B Current and AVPN



Date & time

(GMT +8)

27 October 2022



27 October 2022


About this event

Climate change is considered one of the greatest threats to the global economic system. In March, US SEC announced the proposal of rules to enhance and standardize corporate climate-related disclosures for investors. Soon, every business will need to know how to analyze climate risk!

  • How do scientists utilize climate data to help the industry manage climate risks?
  • When assessing physical and transition risks, what challenges will companies encounter?
  • How can venture capital firms cooperate with climate service providers?
  • What can we learn from Europe’s corresponding experience?

Building a community for cutting-edge sustainable solutions, B Current Fusion Talks connects leading startups, investors and academics.

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