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Consultation on SVI Key Terminology (Draft Definitions 2022)

By Social Value International

Date & time

31 May 2022


31 May 2022

About this event

We are delighted to announce that the SVI Key Terminology (Draft Definitions 2022) is now out for consultation.

As you know, Social Value International is building a movement to transform the way organisations account for value, make decisions and achieve social goals. An important part of our work is developing a principles-based approach for accounting for value and decision making. As a membership organisation we take pride in our work collaboratively creating standards and guidance for applying each principle, and this Key Terminology is a huge stepping stone in our ability to ensure consistency in approach and understanding across our global community.

We are grateful for the considerable work from members of the SVI Methodology Sub-Committee to produce this SVI Key Terminology (Draft Definitions 2022) document.

The deadline for responses is 31st May 2022. We will then collate feedback and publish a final version later in 2022, subject to approval from the SVI board.

Please note, this will not be the last opportunity to comment and improve this document and the terminology we use. We recognise that practice is evolving rapidly, and a regular schedule of updates is being planned for 2022 and beyond.


Please send all replies to [email protected] before 31st May 2022.

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