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CSI Challenge 3: Business Competition



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15 September 2020


15 September 2020


About this event

ARUN Seed is now accepting applications for the “CSI Challenge 3: Business Competition” from August 1!

CSI Challenge 3 is the third in a series of initiatives that has been implemented since 2016 to promote social impact investments in Japan. In this Challenge, through a combination of “Social Business Competition” and “Crowdfunding”, ARUN focuses on identifying and supporting social entrepreneurs who aim to solve social problems through their own innovative businesses. The competition also aims to build a platform connecting entrepreneurs to the Japanese firms.

In recent months, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently sweeping the world, the lives of socially and economically vulnerable groups such as women, children, and refugees have been largely affected. The impact also extends to entrepreneurs working on social issues, with many of them struggle to provide satisfactory services to such vulnerable populations.

In light of this situation, CSI Challenge 3 welcomes “Social entrepreneurs working with vulnerable people in developing countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through their businesses”! The winner will receive an investment of Max. $50,000 dollars from ARUN Seed. The financing comes from a combination of a crowdfunding campaign and sponsorship funds.

Application website: https://aruncsi.com/

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