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CSR Workshop: Aligning Your Organizational Strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals

By Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)


AmCham Shanghai Conference Center,
Suite 568, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Road West



Date & time

01 December 2017



01 December 2017


About this event

AmCham Shanghai is pleased to invite you to the fourth and last session of this year’s CSR Impact Series: a workshop on Aligning Your Organizational Strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on Friday, December 1, from 14:00-17:00, at the AmCham Shanghai Conference Center.

On 12 October 2016, China released its national plan for implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. As governments around the world start to adopt SDGs and measure national progress on it, government leaders will be looking for ways to collaborate with the private sector to collectively reach respective goals. The business community should view this as an opportunity to play their part in achieving a better future, as well as to build a more resilient business model. This event therefore focuses on how to select the SDG that is most aligned with your corporate mission and goals, and how to integrate that into your organizational strategy and opens up social impact investment opportunities.

The objectives of this workshop will evaluate and consider the following:

  • Understanding and identifying the SDGs that are most relevant/strategic to your business – guidance on alignments of goals/targets to 2030 Agenda.
  • Mapping existing corporate sustainability strategies, programs, and actions to the selected SDGs.
  • Identifying social impact opportunities through the SDGs
  • Setting and tracking your impact targets against the SDGs

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