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Developing New Infrastructure: Philanthropy’s Role in Accelerating a Climate Finance Ecosystem

By TSE Foundation


Online and Hong Kong SAR China

Date & time

11 August 2020



11 August 2020


About this event

Developing New Infrastructure: Philanthropy’s Role in Accelerating a Climate Finance Ecosystem

There is currently discussion among government leaders on investing recently pledged fiscal stimulus money towards a greener recovery. We agree that this opportunity can’t be missed and is a “no-brainer”. But looking beyond this, what are the other ways that the philanthropy and impact investor community can come together and work in tandem with the private and social enterprise sector to accelerate financial innovation and scaling of products and approaches to create a more robust climate finance ecosystem?

What we realise today is that money is not in fact the primary obstacle. Indeed, now large amounts of money are suddenly being made available, also as a result of generous philanthropists. Where and how should this new money be most usefully and strategically directed? If, for instance, we managed to pool together $100bn in climate philanthropy gifts and investments, where and how might this money be applied, what new structures might we establish in order to drive towards climate resilience and a better climate future?

We can probably all agree that at minimum, we should “build back better”. But increasingly, experts agree that simply “better” is no longer enough. Rather we need to build in new ways as well. Therefore, it’s useful to ask: what should we create? How can we build in ways that move beyond simple incremental improvements? During this session, we will consider the role of philanthropy and the investment community in spearheading private sector transition in ways that better respond to today’s climate reality.

This session will feature: Ivan Tse (Global Friends Philanthropy) in conversation with Barbara Buchner (Climate Policy Initiative) and Leonardo Martinez-Diaz (World Resources Institute).

To see the screening, simply click on the link and log in (no password required).

The screening will be on August 11, Tuesday, @ 10am CET / 4pm HK and again @ 8am PT / 11am PT / 5pm CET / 11pm HK.

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