EDHEROES FORUM – Education in the Era of COVID: Family in Focus

By Rybakov Foundation


Russia and Online

Date & time

12 March 2021


14 March 2021

About this event

How the pandemic turned family into the prime place of children’s education and development

Forum for parents, teachers, edupreneurs and philanthropists contributing to improving the quality of education. Every one of you is an EdHero. What have we learned from the pandemic and how can we prepare for new challenges? Best practices and the most prominent trends

During the pandemic, it seemed like the ground was slipping away beneath us. We weren’t ready for the situation. Everyone connected with education — parents, teachers, children, specialists, and edupreneurs — had to respond to unprecedented challenges. We felt like we couldn’t cope and couldn’t meet these demands and challenges.

Now, when the worst is behind us, we can say that we’ve done a great job, and that we did cope — we acted in conditions for which there were no ready-made answers or solution. We took new roles, functions, and responsibility upon ourselves, and we unlocked new possibilities within our own selves. For all of us, this has been a situation that has developed and strengthened us. It is time to look back on this experience in amazement at how much we have realized and how much we have learned. Tell me: what have you learned?

• Ekaterina Rybakova, co-founder and president of the Rybakov Foundation

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