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Effective Policymaking to Build the Impact Economy

By FutureLearn



Date & time

04 October 2021


04 October 2021

About this event

This online course ‘Effective Policymaking to Build the Impact Economy’ explores the role social enterprise and inclusive business play in building a new future, delivering the SDGs and addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. It focuses on the role of government policy as an enabler to harness the power of business for good.

The course will be delivered online. It will consist of self-guided study and live sessions with expert practitioners from the impact economy. Course materials are hosted on the FutureLearn platform, and learners are expected to commit three hours of study per week for eight weeks. We will deliver three live sessions using Teams Live: at the end of week 3, week 5 and week 8. Information about the Live sessions is embedded in the course as well as advertised in weekly emails.

Learners who complete 90% of the course and achieve an overall course score of at least 70% will receive a Certificate of Achievement for this course.

The registration for the first run of the course is now open. The course will start on 4 October 2021. Participants will be able to register at any time while the course is running, but we would like to encourage registrations before the official start date.


What you will learn

  • The challenges we face and the role of business: What challenges do we face and what is the role of business in the solution?
  • Inclusive and sustainable business models: What are the different business models that can contribute to a sustainable, impact economy?
  • Policymaking: What can Governments do to furthermore inclusive and sustainable business model innovation?
  • Social finance and impact investment: How can policymakers and businesses contribute to social finance and impact investment?
  • Climate emergency: How can policymakers support businesses to tackle the climate emergency?
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion: How can policymakers support business to create a more inclusive economy?
  • Gender equality: How can policymakers shift businesses to contribute more to gender equality?
  • Action planning, strategy development and next steps: How do you create a strategy for building the impact economy and what action can you take?

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