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F20 Climate Solutions Week 2020

By F20


Online and Germany

Date & time

17 September 2020



17 September 2020


About this event

Resilience and Recovery: Highlighting Solutions for the G20 on Climate and Sustainability!

During this week, foundations emphasize the responsibility of the G20 countries to deliver on the global goals laid out by the Paris Climate Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the 2030 Agenda. The G20 countries need to take action on the world’s biggest challenges of climate change and sustainable development.

The first day (Monday, 14 Sep) of the F20 Climate Solutions Week will be dedicated to the Future of Sustainable Finance, co-hosted by the BMW Foundation and the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU). A selected group of experts will discuss the role of sustainable finance as a key measure for a better recovery from the current global crisis through COVID-19. Representatives of foundations will highlight the role of philanthropy in building a momentum for sustainable investments. The key notes will be complemented by interactive breakout sessions where all participants are asked to contribute.

The second part of the week (Tuesday – Thursday, 15 to 17 Sep) will convene this year’s F20 High-Level Forum including several high ranking regional and international speakers and senior representatives from civil society, science, business, finance and governments. Under the headline of “Resilience and Recovery: Highlighting Solutions for the G20 on Climate and Sustainability!“, there will be the following thematic blocs:

  • High-level Keynotes and Discussion
  • Nexus Panel – Nature-based Solutions for Biodiversity, Climate and Food
  • Solutions Panel – Action Agenda for a Just Transition
  • Engagement Groups Panel – Expectations to the G20 Process
  • Recommendations to the G20

For more information and to register, visit: https://www.foundations-20.org/f20-climate-solutions-week-2020/


In case of questions regarding the registration for the F20 Sustainable Finance Forum or the F20 High-Level Forum, please contact us at [email protected]. Please note that we will send out some practical information shortly before the F20 Climate Solutions Week. We are looking forward to welcoming you to both events in September.

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