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FeSoVity or Festival of Social Creativity


Q-Big BSD City Mall



Date & time

26 August 2017



26 August 2017


About this event

FeSoVity 2017 theme is ‘Children as History Makers for Changing the World’ that aims to encourage children dare to dream big to make the world a better place to live. It also aims to promote empathy through creativity and solve specific social issue by collaboration. There will be 2000+ attendants from elementary school children (1000 children) to adults.

The main concept of Fesovity is collect-relate-create-donate which is to collect ideas / stuffs from contributors. Furthermore, at the top event of Fesovity, these ideas will be re-created by participants into creative products, then will be donated to other Indonesian society.

Wanna be a part of collaborative works to support children becoming history maker?

FeSoVity invites all of you – including teenagers and adults – to join in the festivity of this one-day event together with other 2000 people. You will help children pursue their dreams through a lot of fun and creative activities. It will create creative products, and will be donated to other children in Sumatera and Java.

We all believe FeSoVity could be the first step in stimulating children to become a history maker. And surely it won’t happen without your help and motivation.

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FeSoVity or Festival of Social Creativity

26 August 2017

8:00 am — 4:00 pm
Q-Big BSD City Mall Tangerang

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