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19 September 2019


19 November 2019

About this event

The international Rybakov Prize is awarded annually to entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and impact investors who are eager to contribute to changing the future of education. This will focus on the redesign of preschool, primary and secondary education. It is for activists, doers, who are investing their own financial resources and know-how to reimagine and better develop new models for school community, and ultimately the global community. Our heroes are individuals who do not wait for tomorrow but are working to change the world around them today. We want to encourage the next generation of philanthropists by promoting investment in schools, teachers and educational systems.

Rybakov Prize was established in 2019 by Ekaterina and Igor Rybakov, who are the co-founders of the private philanthropic organization, the Rybakov Foundation, whose aim is providing high-quality education for everyone. This will be our investment into achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 4, set by the United Nations.

To apply, visit https://rybakovprize.org/

About the Rybakov Foundation

The Rybakov Foundation is a private philanthropic organization, created by Ekaterina and Igor Rybakov in 2015. The Foundation’s mission is to create a tradition of developing society with our own hands. To carry out our mission, we have developed and adopted the concept of “School is the center of society” which will help to change the socio-educational environment in schools for the better. This kind of environment provides the background for a common, collective experience for all its participants. A school’s teachers and parents, pupils and graduates, headteachers and associates are not divided into suppliers and consumers of information, knowledge, or services, but participate equally in the creation of a new educational experience. The creation of such an environment is not just a new way of doing things, but also a new way of thinking, about collective creativity, cooperation, and living together. To realize our mission, we have established the aim of providing high-quality education for everyone. This will be our investment into achieving the fourth target for sustainable development, as stated by the UN.


Helen Morozova, Director for Communications of the Rybakov Foundation, +7 926 009 03 36, [email protected]
Daria Bashkatova, PR-manager, of the Rybakov Foundation, +7 926 268 39 14, [email protected]

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