Financial Inclusion of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in ASEAN



Date & time

21 June 2018



21 June 2018


About this event

MSMEs form the backbone of the ASEAN economy, making up 89-99% of all enterprises in the region and 52-97% of total employment.​ The discussion on responsible business and economic development must include this vital group.

This webinar will cover the following issues:

  • How well-supported are MSMEs in ASEAN?
  • What are the key sources of finance and technical support available to them?
  • Is the macro environment  conducive for their sustainability and growth?
  • How wide is the availability of alternative financing mechanisms for them?

Most importantly, one of the key findings is that MSMEs are still facing formidable barriers in access to finance. There exists a sizeable ‘missing middle’ where MSMEs in early- to growth-stage, requiring USD 5,000 to USD 2 million in ticket sizes, remain underserved by financiers. This webinar will also cover how this ‘missing middle’ can be addressed.

The  research findings will  be presented by Ms Melissa Chong  (Programme Manager, ACN) and Ms Anh Nguyen (Knowledge Manager, AVPN).

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Read the full report here.
View the “Financing and Technical Support Options for MSMEs in ASEAN” directory here.
Check out the infographics here.

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