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14 August 2020



14 August 2020


About this event

Join here at 10 AM IST tomorrow (14 August 2020) to hear from Mrs Manjula Kalyanasundaram, Managing Director, SBI Foundation and Dr Ajay Kela, President and CEO, Wadhwani Foundation.

In this episode, we will explore perspectives on emerging focus of funds on investing to combat the devastating effects of the pandemic, offering wide ranging support for revival of MSMEs, migrant workers, mother and childcare, infectious diseases, etc. and also get to know about the healthcare/medtech initiatives at the Foundations and the upcoming programmes.

About the webinar

Diagnostics 4.0 was initiated by the Xynteo/India2022 coalition’s healthcare team last year. Conversations are curated with an aim to connect experts, medical professionals and key opinion leaders from the healthcare and medtech domains, foster discussion on current challenges, share knowledge on advancements and collaborative opportunities, as well surface the latest transformative ideas and leader perspectives for accelerating medical technologies in India.

This webinar caters to an expanding tribe of 450+ participants from our partner networks and is rapidly emerging as a safe space for candid and open conversation. The webinar series brough together distinguished personalities from  Tata Trusts, SEWA Bharat, Ujala Cygnus Hospitals, NHSRC, PATH, CCAMP, Cyient, USAID and MolBio.


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