AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Gender Lens Investing – What. Why. How.

By Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)





Date & time


31 March 2022



31 March 2022

About this event

Gender Lens Investing (GLI) is an opportunity to drive sustainable growth by investing in women and using business as a force for good. Individual and organizational leaders are starting to stand up for greater equality and systematic change to inflict change that will be beneficial for investors, businesses, and society.

Together with the Frontier Brokers community, Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) invites you to delve into the world of GLI and learn how to advance your business in the upcoming webinar: Gender Lens Investing – What. Why. How. See how some of the world’s GLI practitioners (IIX, Brightlight, Athena, Good Return) put gender equality into action by placing it at the forefront of their business.

What you will learn about:

● WHAT – Principles of GLI
● WHY – Mitigating risk, lasting impact and unlocking capital
● HOW – How to apply GLI in your organization


● Ms. Natasha Garcha, Senior Director, Innovative Finance and Gender-Lens Investing
Specialist – IIX
● Ms. Angela Ng, Chief Operating Officer – IIX
● Ms. Zannatul Ferdous, Program Manager – IIX
● Mr. Mark Ingram, Chief Impact Officer – Brightlight
● Ms. Diana Tjoeng, Asia Regional Manager – Good Return
● Ms. Ramona Ridolfi, Program Manager – BIDUK (Athena)
● Mr. Reyhan Muhammad Fachry, Program Officer – BIDUK (Athena)

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