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Impact Investing Webinar: So That People and Nature Thrive





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05 July 2016



05 July 2016


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“So That People and Nature Thrive”

Today’s increasing and wealthier global population has triggered macro-level trends in commodity sourcing, resulting in a race to increase access to food (including, importantly, fish) and water–regardless of the environmental or social consequences. Dale Galvin, Managing Director, of Rare, co-hosts this webinar with Wolfgang Hafenmayer to discuss the gap in impact investing on environmental issues and how Rare is working to de-risk grassroots conservation and community/human development initiatives to unleash much larger flows of private capital into these sectors.

Topics for discussion:Event Rare

Private sector: Private-sector businesses whose long-term viability depends on a steady supply struggle to take the “long view” in pricing public goods while satisfying shareholder interest. But the environmental risks—particularly related to water and fish–are profound if we continue with overfishing and non-sustainable farming.

Impact investing: What role can investors play in de-risking conservation and human development solutions? How can social impact investing and philanthropy interact to drive change? Blended finance and government: What role does “blended finance” play in moving NGOs more forcefully into new solutions? What role do in-country governments have in scaling solutions for their own population, when NGOs and impact investors provide proven, piloted solutions?

Dale Galvin: “We are co-hosting the seminar because we believe that there is great opportunity for impact investors to galvanize environmental solutions. In the half-year since COP21 in Paris, we have seen energy and optimism in environmental change. Philanthropy alone cannot drive such change. Rare welcomes more impact investors, philanthropists, and concerned citizens participating in making real, sustainable changes for communities and the environment. The stakes could not be higher.“

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